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   Chapter 80 Being Restless (Part Two)

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Secretly Molly glanced at Brian who still looked aloof. In her mind, she scolded Eric, indignant at his tactless manner. If she massaged Brian's ego with feigned obedience, she realized he'd be nice to her. Lately, it seemed to work, just fine. Lisa had once told her that Brian was a nice person. Now, as she thought about Lisa's words, she seemed to understand. The problem with Brian, was power. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely, they said. The corruption for Brian was that with all his power and money, rarely did he get people who contradicted him. As such, Brian had never learnt tolerance for dissenting opinion.

Besides, he was an overly possessive man. Molly didn't know how he treated his other women, but it was obvious that he couldn't stand the thought of another man close to his woman. Was that what Eric was playing on?

"I didn't tell him my phone number!" Molly said, biting her lips.

"You seem to be busy..." Brian slowly said with a touch of sarcasm in his voice. He glanced at Molly with a sullen gaze, and an indifferent expression was revealed on his handsome face. "You want to leave me. At the same time, you wonder how to face Edgar and even try to seduce Eric."

Infuriated, Molly rebutted, "That's not true!"

"Then what's the truth?" In a cold sneer, Brian went on, "Molly, I'm the one that started this game. The same way, until I say it's over, don't even think about leaving. Whether your one month is elapsed or not, I'm staying firmly in charge. And as far as I'm concerned, you might as well abandon any remote hopes of ever leaving me!"

That took Molly by surprise. In a quavering voice, she pleaded, "Brian, you can't do that to me!"

"I can't?" There was a marked touch of indifference in Brian's voice. "I can do whatever I want to!" he continued.

'Anger is not necessary at the moment, ' Molly thought to herself. As she struggled to control her breathing, she tightly gripped Brian's coat which she was wearing. "I have complied with your rules. Absolutely, I have been obedient to you. What else do you want from me? Brian, do you have to be so domineering?"

"Yes!" Even though Brian gently blinked with a faint, sarcastic smile,

passion and lustful longing for her.

A struggling Molly tried break away from Brian's control, but all her efforts were weak. Left with no other choice, she had to endure his arrogance. The helplessness made her so upset that she broke down into tears.

The insult of Brian's rude kisses was more depressing than Edgar's indifferent glance. It was also even more upsetting than Edgar's caustic, embarrassed words. Tony was in the car, noticing Brian's recklessness. How could Brian be so supercilious to kiss her in such a situation?

On his part, Tony kept driving, snug as a bug in a rug. His expressionless face seemed to only look ahead, ignoring what was happening behind him.

Meanwhile, Brian kept on with his thoughtless indulgence, until he finally looked at Molly and only to find her in tears. Surprised, he instantly let her loose.

With her lips still trembling, Molly cried silently. When she lifted her face to look at Brian, anger colored her face.

Speechless, Brian sat beside her, brooding. He felt restless, uneasy with Molly's tears. Her eyes had an uncanny resemblance to Becky's. Becky had also cried in front of him before. However, Becky's tears had never moved him. He couldn't understand why the odd feeling he now had at the sight of Molly's tears.

"Ding!" Brian's phone suddenly rang. After casting Molly another glance, he pulled out his phone, quickly recognized the number on the phone screen, and answered without hesitation.

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