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   Chapter 79 Being Restless (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8139

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:37

"Hmm.... Hm..."

Frightened, Molly groaned struggling to keep her eyes open and frantically fighting to pry away the hand that covered her mouth. The horror of it all felt surreal, like a bad dream you wished you'd wake up from. From somewhere, she heard someone say in a low voice,"You are such a stupid woman!"

The tone of those words tasted like salt and bile. Bitter, malicious words, but unmistakably a familiar voice. When she finally stopped struggling, the oppressive hand over her mouth was removed.

"Humph! Do you want everyone to hear you scream?" Brian took a contemptuous, sarcastic glance at Molly.

Glaring at him, Molly said in a huff,"Since you suddenly drew me, I was very frightened."

"Are you such a coward?"Sarcastically, with a straight face, Brian continued,"You only put on an intrepid face when you know it's me!"

Already, Molly had given up on her idea of making an apology to Brian. She bit her lips, stared him straight in the face and asked through clenched teeth,"Didn't you leave just now?"

In response, Brian snorted coldly,"I won't just leave you here alone. I would have to rescue you if you were to be abducted by others. I wouldn't want to let such thing happen again and be involved by any means."

"You could just stand by!" Angrily, Molly probed, her mood sour as green gooseberry.

The words made Brian sneer. With a raised brow, he asked,"Do you think Edgar will rescue you if I don't?"

Those words took Molly by surprise. She couldn't put her finger on a plausible answer. After a short silence, she spoke in a measured voice,"I think, it's you who's always thinking about him, not me!You're such a crazy man, Brian Long. I think you suffer from not only schizophrenia but also IAD! Illness Anxiety Disorder," she remarked.

When she was done speaking, Molly draped on Brian's suit jacket more tightly and walked straight on, nostrils flaring in anger.

If she kept on reacting to his provocations, she feared her fuse would blow. She didn't fancy pitching a hissy fit. Just the same, Brian was intentionally driving her nuts. And he was working hard at it. In these last few days, she really wanted to get on well with him. Also, she was mindful of his few random gestures of candor and civility.Whichever little hint of kindness she noticed in him, she'd concentrate on that. As flawed as he was, it wasn't lost on Molly that her own father had done her and the entire

s difficult for me to get your number?"

Not interested, and not in hurry to reply, Molly muttered something under her breath. Then impatiently she asked,"What's up?"

The starry sky looked spectacular tonight. Eric briefly gazed up to savor the heavenly beauty. With a satisfied smile, he answered,"I've been busy the whole day and I haven't had dinner. Would you go out with me?"

Upon hearing his words, Molly frowned. Through gritted teeth, she shot back,"Find someone else. I don't have time!"

"Are you staying with my brother? " Already sure that Molly was with Brian now, Eric's questions were annoying and calculated for effect. With an impish smile on his face, he continued,"Where are you now?"

Meanwhile, Brian, seated right next to Molly, seemed unusually calm and unconcerned about the conversation. He looked askance at her, which made her uneasy and frightened. Frustrated at Eric's desultory and tasteless blabber, Molly pouted, wondering where the bugger was heading with all this.

Coldly, she answered,"It has nothing to do with you!"

With a mischievous smile on his face, Eric leisurely said,"I will pick you up later!"

After that, he hung up the phone, without giving Molly the chance to say anything.

Anger flashed in Molly's eyes as she looked at the phone now. Just how twisted was Eric? An otherwise handsome and charming young man, yet stooping lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. He was just a creature falling off the ledge of humanity.

As soon as he hung up, Eric threw the phone aside and sped up, driving like a maniac, his mouth twisted in a pernicious smile.

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