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   Chapter 78 A Talk Under The Cold Night (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5673

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:06

After shouting those words, Molly clenched her teeth and glared at Brian, who was still nonchalant. In fury, she turned around and moved forward.

"If I had lost the game, I would've lost the whole Grand Night Casino, "

Brian replied coldly, his voice showing nonchalance and arrogance.

Molly froze on spot as she heard his words. What did he say?

The whole Grand Night Casino?

The bet in the game between him and Edgar was the whole Grand Night Casino. That was to say...

Suddenly Molly's eyes popped wide in shock when she realized that Brian was the boss of the Grand Night Casino! She jerked her head around and met his deep eyes. "Your bet was the Grand Night Casino? So are you..."

Brian made no response. Instead, he just kept smiling coldly.

Short of breath, Molly felt like a big fool who had been played around. A mocking smile spread across her face. Clenching her teeth with anger, she said, "Mr. Long, I was so stupid to worry about you. Does it make you happy to see other people unnecessarily worried about you?"

Brian didn't speak or blink. He just stared at her with his usual blank, emotionless eyes, like staring into empty space. His indifference and insolence could outrun anybody's patience and make a preacher cuss!

"I am such a big fool!" Staring at Brian, Molly's chest heaved with every breath. Sarcasm was loaded in her voice as she asked, "I suppose that even if I had said I wanted Edgar to win, you still wouldn't have let him win. Am I right?"

Brian sneered, his short-lived good mood disappeared into thin air, like dew on a sunny morning. Hands in pockets, he walked up to Molly and said coldly, "If you had, of course I would've let him

of his warmth, and smelt of his scent. Slowly, she lowered her head, thought what to do with the coat and decided that there was no harm in keeping warm with it. After all, he was gone already. She slowly walked away, feeling more bemused than ever.

True, she had been angry over Edgar's unkind words about her. The scorn and sarcasm in his tone really hurt at that moment in the VIP room. All that she could do at the time was to maintain her calm, even if her self-esteem was being trampled on for no reason. Why did Edgar have to do that?

All along, she'd thought Edgar was the kind of man who would protect her, a suave man who understood the real meaning of chivalry. However, he had treated her with scorn instead. Now, the man who had always been cruel to her, was the one that saved her from that embarrassing moment.

Fluttering her eyelashes, Molly suddenly felt her heart ache. She had an overwhelming urge to go and apologize to Brian.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, her arm was suddenly grabbed tightly by a powerful hand. Before she could scream or react, the person behind her muffled her mouth.

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