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   Chapter 76 A Talk Under The Cold Night (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6388

Updated: 2019-01-11 02:25

"What if I had said that I wanted Mr. Gu to win?" Molly blurted out her question, not knowing why.

Having heard her question, Brian stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. The sharp, piercing eyes rested on Molly's furrowed brows, taking in her cautious yet eager face. Was she expecting an answer? Brian grinned in delight, then in mock peacefulness inquired," You want to know?"

Relishing his mocking question, he grinned mischievously as he waited for Molly's response, his eyes getting deeper with malice.

Molly was only his pet and his toy for one month. The previous day, he had asked her if she was bored at the villa and she blurted out her answer without hesitation. Not knowing why, Brian had granted her the permission to go back to work at the casino.

Right off the bat, Brian had asked Jason to arrange for her to serve in the VIP rooms. The idea of Molly showing up in the big hall, among so many people, wasn't something he would tolerate. She was his woman and her picture-perfect smile was only his to relish, something he could ill-afford to share with anyone.

However, the reluctance of sharing her smile with others made him slightly frown. He wondered why he would have such ideas in his mind. He sneered at his silly thoughts.

Looking at Brian's deep, flinty eyes, Molly pursed her lips and nodded.

"Call my name now!" a sudden, calm demand came.

"What?" Confused, Molly stared at him, questions written all over her face.

With a furrowed brow, Brian repeated in a lower steely, voice," Call my name!"

Once more, Molly frowned in confusion. Cursing within, slightly squinting at narcissistic man's face, she called his name, hesitation ringing in her voice. "Brian Long?"

The man standing in front of Molly furrowed his brows tightly, as if pondering over her incredulous voice on his name. Angrily, he sneered," Huh! My full name... You brought it out

rand Night Casino.

Over the past few years, the Grand Night Casino had become notorious for highly questionable activities. In fact, the name kept popping up in investigations on heinous crimes, including a number of murder cases.

In an elaborate plan for cleaning up the city, black market activities would definitely be the first casualties of Edgar's sweeping changes. And there was no better place to start the crack down than the most infamous casino in the city - the Grand Night Casino!

Brian remembered that he had thwarted an abduction and saved Molly. After that incident, he had even willingly kept Molly company at the villa for the whole night. However, this woman kept mumbling the name "Edgar" the whole night!


Molly still kept Edgar in her mind, the guy who always protected her, her Prince Charming since childhood. Enduring the whole night listening to Molly mumbling Edgar's name, Brian saw to it that Molly would overhear their conversation to let her know what Edgar thought about her now.

To disillusion other people's dreams was something he fancied. He felt ecstatic watching feeble creatures breakdown in despair. He wondered why people thought it was twisted to revel in someone's pain. In any case, Brian didn't give a hoot.

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