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   Chapter 75 Who Do You Want To Win (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-01-11 00:40

Hearing her interesting question, Brian laughed. He let out an evil laugh with conceit and unruly attitude. His laughter echoed over the room and made the hearts of all the people who heard it do a complete somersault. They were scared of the pressure imposed by his laugh, drawn from his innate power and omnipotence.

His reaction freaked her out. She tried her best to calm down and subconsciously, she licked her lips. She found that she was becoming as crazy as Brian since she began to get along with him. Even in a situation like this, she was able to disregard the frozen atmosphere and ask him a question that was so rude and direct!

The room came to a dead silence. The air turned frozen that every one held their breath. Except for Edgar and Bill, no one at the Grand Night Casino knew why this new VIP waitress dared to ask a question like this. And what was even worse, she asked the question of the president of the casino in a rude and flirtatious manner!

"Come here!" Brian's voice was like a sudden clap of thunder which broke the frozen atmosphere in the room. He looked at Molly with his brooding eyes. Actually, he was glad to hear her skittish question, even though he could not tell why. But he knew that a river of warm happiness started flowing and roaring in his heart.

Molly bit her lips and tried to refrain her fear and bewilderment. Eventually, she moved towards him in spite of her unwillingness. While walking, she avoided having eye contact with anyone in the room. Even if she was not able to see their eyes, she knew that all people in the room were scrutinizing her up and down with doubt and mixed feelings. The attention paid to her by everyone was so sharp that she felt like she was taking an X-ray examination.

"Oh..." Molly screamed slightly. Before she could even react to what was happening to her, she found herself falling into Brian's arms. Her head went blank as she was taken aback by his sudden unexpected action. Much more to her surprise, cool and thin lips came close to her face, then touched her lips. All of a sudden, she was enveloped by a slight breath of mint aroma as well as his male hormones.


She wanted to resist and struggle due to embarrassment. She was too ashamed at what happened and wished that she could just disappear at that moment.

feel the cold at first because she was too distracted by the spur of events. But now, with only the waitress uniform on her, she felt very cold as the gust of frigid wind blew and could not help trembling.

Seeing her whole body trembling in the cold, Brian slightly frowned. Then, he took off his suit jacket with an indifferent expression on his face. It seemed that he was not willing to do so. Nonetheless, he still put his suit jack on Molly.

"I am not cold!" Molly refused his suit jacket out of instinct and said,"You don't need to take off your suit for me..."

Obviously, Molly's words displeased him. His face turned gloomy, which gave her a hint that she should not continue to refuse. She looked at him thoroughly from the back as he was walking forward, and saw that he only wore a shirt and a waistcoat with his hands in the trouser pockets. She licked her lips and followed his steps walking forward while Tony was driving behind them, keeping a distance.

The aura suddenly became awkward. Molly tried to appease him as the game came back to her mind. So, she asked,"Weren't you afraid that I would wish Mayor Gu to win the game?"

"Of course not!" Brian replied firmly. He stopped walking and stood still with his hands in the pocket, looking at a distant place.

"If I had said I wished Mayor Gu to win the game, what would you have done?" Molly had no idea why she had asked that question. It was just a spur of the moment. However, deep inside, she knew that a part of her wanted to know the answer to this question.

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