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   Chapter 74 Who Do You Want To Win (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7780

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Was it 'Do you have any interest in my woman, Molly, Mr. Mayor'?

At first, she thought that it was all an illusion, perhaps they were not talking about her. But now, she knew that it was not just in her head. 'They were talking about to whom I'm supposed to belong to...'

Seeing Edgar's eyes, their memory of childhood came back and haunted her. His eyes were still as beautiful as when they were young, soft and warm like a jade when he was calm, glaring and deep like the stars in the night sky when he was emotional.

Though his eyes were the same as they used to be, he was no longer the same person she knew during childhood. He had become a totally different person and now, he saw her as just a pair of worn shoes.

What a bitter truth! Time passed by, and they all had changed. They were not kids any more. Time and reality changed not only her but him as well.

'To him, I have become a cheap woman, who deserves neither love nor respect. Therefore, he could just insult me in any way.'

All of these mixed feelings began rising to Molly all of a sudden. She laughed at herself in her thoughts and tried to calm herself down. She stopped looking at the room and tried to focus on her task. She held the tray even more tightly and told herself to be polite enough so that no one could find fault with her. The exclusive job on the VIP floor was made possible by Brian, so she was supposed to be really careful and should not mess it all up and be fired.

Molly bit the bullet and tried to calm down with all her strength. Then, she came forward and said with softness and unflappability," Sir, this is your wine."

Brian caught a glimpse of her and found a slight smile unfolding on her face. She was obviously tolerant of the situation even though her hands were obviously trembling. Even so, she still tried to pour the wine for him smoothly.

He must say that she showed satisfactory etiquette which met his standards. She had no experience in serving VIPs, yet he could find that she was really careful to do an exemplary job the whole night. Before that night, he had only seen her working in the casino's main hall, where she was very flexible and clever to serve the load of clients at a time. But now, to his surprise, he found that she was also attractive, determined, and focused while serving th

eart jumped into his throat. He held his breath and anxiously waited for her answer.

Edgar stopped looking at Molly. He just smiled slightly, which was partly hidden and partly visible, as though the result of the game was not crucial for him at all. He seemed to not care a bit for both the result and Molly.

Molly looked at Brian and found herself quite attracted to him. His eyes were so deep and serene, just like a deep lake in the forest, which one could get lost into with one single look. His well-shaped face was cold and devoid of any facial expression. His lips were thin and sexy. When he looked at her, everything seemed to come to a standstill, except for his slim fingers holding the wine glass and shaking the bloody wine.

Then out of instinct, she turned her head and caught a glimpse of Edgar. Unfortunately, he was not paying any attention to her dilemma. His coldness towards her made a hole in her heart. She finally realized the fact that Edgar was not her friend from childhood any more and decided to cut off everything that tied her to him. From now on, he was merely a stranger to her. Every one should have dignity, including her who could not even afford or deserve it.

A curled smile appeared on her pale face, an evidence that she had not recovered fully yet. Even the light make-up which covered her face could not conceal her weakness. She turned her head back to Brian and looked at him with a subtle smile. Instead of replying to his question, she asked him back," Are you willing to lose me in this game?"

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