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   Chapter 73 Who Do You Want To Win (Part One)

Crazy Rich Lover By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7872

Updated: 2019-01-10 23:33

"Interesting, very interesting! You are really good at playing jokes, Mr. Long. Let us put aside the fact that she is your woman, but even though she is not, do you think I will have any interest in a loose woman? A woman is just like a pair of shoes. Do you think I will buy a pair that has been worn by somebody else?" He said all these with indifference. Edgar knew too well that if he showed any sign of interest in Molly in front of Brian, he was afraid that Molly would have a real hard time because of him.

After a thorough investigation on Brian, he was still at lost on Brian's background and information. All his efforts to find out information about Brian was useless. Even though he used his power to utilize the military investigation company, he still was not able to procure detailed information about him. And when he tried to dig deeper, the clue chain was cut off. What he got was only insignificant messages. And even with these messages, he sometimes felt that someone just wanted to lead him to those misleading messages intentionally.

There were plenty of cases when his investigation team were off base and when they found it, it was too late: all the clues had been eliminated with nothing left and all their endeavors were left in vain.

This man, in spite of his young age, possessed great power that enabled him to hide all information about him as he wished. He could control all the information about him and ensure that nobody would know his true identity and status.

It was too dangerous for Molly to stay with this man who covered in mystery.

With all of Edgar's attention focused on Brian, and given his indirect sight angle, it was impossible for him to see who had come into the room even if he would want to. But most importantly, he did not think that the person who had walked into the room would be someone very important.

Just then, his heart did a complete somersault when he saw Brian's evil smile unfolding in front of his eyes. Soon after, Bill let out a scream in a low voice which made Edgar's curiosity grow even more so he turned his head to look at Bill, desiring to know what happened. With a hint given by Bill, Edgar shifted his gaze to the door.

Regret filled his eyes as soon as he saw the woman standing at the door. If he had a choice, he would rather choose not to see. But unfortunate

rand Night Casino should have gone through intensive specialized training for a long period of time, while she, a new comer in the service industry at the casino, had neither sufficient experience nor skills to qualify her for that task.

She worked hard the whole night with great caution and care. She really did not want to lose that job out of stupid mistake or carelessness. Besides, she also did not want to disgrace Brian. He sure used his connections so that she could get a job on the VIP floor. Otherwise, she would have still continued serving the guests in the main hall.

Just after she finished serving the guests in one VIP room, Jason asked her to bring this bottle of wine into this room. Of course, she obeyed attentively and was seriously determined to do a good job.Jason repeatedly emphasized the significance of serving the guests in this room very well and to take great caution of the wine, so she took it in her mind to be very careful of it.

As soon as Molly opened the door, the frozen atmosphere overwhelmed her. Obviously, the aura in this room was indifferent and a bit tense. She could not help but grow very nervous with the ambiance. When she raised her eyes to look around the room, she found Brian and Edgar sitting opposite at the two ends of the big gambling table. What a surprise! She was stunned to discover the fact that they were both in the same room. But what was even more surprising was the words full of disdain coming out from Edward's mouth.

What was it that she heard faintly just now when she opened the door?

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