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   Chapter 72 The Gamble (Part Two)

Crazy Rich Lover By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6396

Updated: 2019-01-10 19:42

Every time Becky had thrown a tantrum and left Brian in the past, Brian would never hesitate and automatically search for her. With his power and means, it only took a matter of time before he found her no matter where she had been.

However, this time it was different. Becky had left not out of whim but out of something serious, yet he hadn't sent anyone to find her. Was it because of that woman in the email?

Had Brian really had a change of heart?

Cindy frowned when she felt Becky's body was shivering slightly as if she was trying hard to endure something.

Cindy thought, 'Becky... Did you also notice that? And is that the reason why you don't want to go back?'


Five days later, In a private VIP room of the Grand Night Casino, A skilful dealer was shuffling a pack of cards quietly. After that, he put the cards into the dealing machine, and asked, "Excuse me, gentlemen, would you cut the cards, please?"

Brian slightly lifted the corner of his mouth as he took a cold glance at Edgar sitting opposite him and said, "No!"

"Neither would I, " said Edgar in a gentle voice with his eyes glittering like two diamonds.

The dealer then dealt out the cards to them skilfully, and said, "The King of Spades is higher in rank. Mr. Edgar Gu, your turn to start the betting round, please."

Edgar checked his hole card, then glanced at the upcards of the two. He had been dealt a King of Spades, which was higher than Brian's Deuce of Spades, so it was his turn to start the betting.

"The layout of this casino isn't good enough, " Edgar said out of the blue.

Brian showed no surprise when Edgar didn't start the betting and instead, mentioned other things beyond the game. He didn't say anything back and a faint smile appeared on his calm face.

"I think it will be much brighter inside if a window is opened at that side, " said Edgar, who turned to Bill standing next to him a

no doubt that neither of them was a simple person.

Edgar didn't know how Molly had entered Brian's circle. He had tried to find her parents for some time and when he found out that they had been in the Empire Hospital, he figured out a new plan.

Aside from that, he had heard another piece of news. Tyler had died on the high seas. He had been stabbed with a knife and then thrown into the sea; none of the wounds all over his body were fatal, yet he had not recovered from any of them. He just bled, got infected, and died!

He had been murdered brutally, yet it had been done very efficiently, with no clues left to who had done it.

After thinking for a while, Edgar lowered his head and said, "Hah, it sounds interesting! However, she's your woman. Even not, do you think that I'll be interested in a loose woman?"

At that very moment, the door was pushed open and a waitress in uniform stepped into the room, with a bottle of red wine on the tray on her hand.

She had arrived at the room at the exact moment when Edgar had started speaking, so she moved her gaze towards his direction out of curiosity. But before she was astounded by the presence of both Edgar and Brian in the room, the words coming from Edgar's mouth had already left her dumbfounded.

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