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   Chapter 71 The Gamble (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6413

Updated: 2019-01-10 06:48

"My email?" Becky asked with a frown, her dim eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Yes," Cindy replied shortly. Cindy then took her laptop from the desk at the side. After she turned it on, she quickly typed on the keyboard and entered the email address and password as Becky had told her.

There was a new email from an anonymous address in the inbox. Cindy clicked on it and checked its content curiously. While looking at it, Cindy's face looked puzzled at first and then gradually, her expression froze after she saw clearly what was on the screen. She quickly skimmed through the whole email with astonishment written all over her face. Then, she scrolled back up and read it all over again to double check, as if she was afraid that she had misunderstood what she had just read.

Becky felt that the atmosphere in the room suddenly got tense despite the silence. So, she turned her eyes to look at the screen, only to see blurred lines of texts and the dim outlines of some pictures. "Cindy, what's it about? Who sent it to me?" Becky asked doubtfully.

Cindy, still overwhelmed by the content of the email, furrowed her eyebrows, and the disdain in her eyes gradually spread all over her face. She couldn't help but shout,"How dare he do such a thing!"

"What happened?" Becky asked worriedly.

Cindy snapped the laptop shut. With a furious flame burning in her eyes, she ground her teeth and said angrily,"Becky, we have to go back to A City right now!"

Becky frowned and glanced at the laptop curiously, then asked,"What on earth happened, Cindy?"

Cindy nearly hit the ceiling, yet she kept silent and didn't utter a word. She couldn't figure out how to tell Becky that Brian had brought a woman to his villa and had been living with her ever since!

Becky waited for Cindy's answer for a while. Then she pressed her lips and said,"Cindy, I don't want to go back!"

"Why? Don't you want to have your

d he... Did he give up on me?"

"No. He has always loved you, and he had never treated any woman the way he treated you. You know, he never cared when Eric contended other things with him, but he had never made a deal at the mention of you! He had always fought for you even with Eric." Cindy hastily consoled her, but she quickly stepped aside when she saw the doctor and the nurses coming into the room to attend to Becky.

Becky stayed still and waited quietly until the doctor bandaged her wound. When she saw the blurred color on her hand change from red to white, she pressed her lips more tightly together.

The doctor didn't know why this beautiful lady from East Asia had cried so hard and looked so devastated that she seemed to have injured herself. Becky looked really pitiful in her condition, but the doctor made no mention of it. After wrapping up her wound, he routinely explained the matters that she needed to avoid, and then left the room.

Becky didn't even utter a word during the whole process. She just dropped her gaze on her hand covered with white bandages.

Cindy sat beside her and stared at her with distressed eyes, and then she hugged her tightly and sniffled, saying,"Becky, I won't force you to go back. I know you're feeling terrible."

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