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   Chapter 70 Be The First One To Leave (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6642

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:02

Although she didn't hear what the person on the phone was talking about, according to her experience with Brian in the past few days and his noticeably hideous aura at that moment, Molly somehow understood what he wanted to do.

She slightly opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but eventually, she decided to keep her mouth shut. She was not even able to protect herself. Why was she worried about others? Why would she bring more trouble to herself for other people's sake?

She had never thought that she was someone very noble. She was no more than a common person. Within a month, she would definitely leave Brian and return to her normal life.

"Are you thinking about leaving me again? Right?" Brian asked angrily.

"No..." mortified, Molly answered in a weak voice as she lowered her eyes.

"Huh!" he snorted. With an evil smile, he cast a sharp glance at Molly and said in a detached, hollow voice, "Do you believe it? Without my permission for you to leave, you wouldn't have a chance."

Molly's facial expressions changed all of a sudden. Staring at Brian's arrogant face, she tried her best to control her anger, moved her eyes away and answered without emotion, "Yes, I'm aware of that!"

She didn't want to irritate him and endure his punishment again.

Exasperated at her obedience to him, Brian gave her one more cold glance and stood up to leave the bedroom without saying another word.

At the sound of the door closing behind him, Molly winced with bitterness. She wondered what kind of environment Brian had grown up in. How had he become such a strange person?

But the answer was of no importance to her. They would be irrelevant to each other after this month.


In the Netherlands, Wearing an anxious face, Cindy Han glanced at Becky Yan, who had bandages around her eyes. Heart racing with tension like a Hennessey Venom, Cindy was breathing hard.

A professional doctor reminded Becky not to open her eyes so soon while he slowly

way to look at life!" Getting more frustrated, Cindy felt like grabbing her and forcefully shaking her from the unreasonable negativity now consuming her. "Don't you understand Mr. Long? He is able to get any woman in the world. There are so many women who have the same beautiful eyes as you, but why hasn't he gone for those women? Because he loves you! He loves who you are. He may have said he loved your eyes the most, but how many other things did he say that he loved about you? A whole lot of things, which you want to trivialize."

Having heard Cindy's words, Becky slowly raised her head, her eyes puffed with tears. She was about to say something, but right then, her phone rang. Concealing the sadness deep in her eyes, she pulled out the phone, only to be reminded of the reality of her handicap. It was a text message.

Looking at the blurry outline of her phone, she was upset. Obligingly she passed Cindy the phone with obvious dejection. "Read for me please, " she requested in a shaky voice.

The frustrated face was unsettling, almost overwhelming to Cindy whose heart welled with compassion. She sighed as she reached for the phone from Becky's outstretched hand. She opened the message, quickly read it and said in confusion, "It's from an unknown number. Someone asks you to check your email..."

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