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   Chapter 69 Be The First One To Leave (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6682

Updated: 2019-01-09 14:38

"Are you thinking that you can leave me very soon?"

The cold, abrupt tone of Brian shook Molly back to her senses. She jerked her head and met his emotionless, deep eyes. Instantly, her face went pale as she fervently shook her head to deny,"No, no. I am not!"

Narrowing his sharp eyes, Brian curled his lips into a thin malicious smile, radiating an evil aura all over his body.

Feeling the tension increasing in the car, Molly pursed her lips tightly and flinched backwards. With an anxious face, Brian hastily stretched out his arms to stop her from moving backwards, but it was a little too late.

Molly's back hit the door, exerting pressure on her wound again. With a muffled groan, her face twitched in sharp pain.

"You silly woman!" Brian roared in a coarse voice. While he looked at her tearful eyes, a tinge of distant sympathy flashed through his eyes.

Molly bit her lower lip, moaning with grievance and stared viciously at Brian.

Without moving his eyes away from Molly, Brian ordered to Tony,"Call the doctor!"

"Yes, Mr. Long!" Tony responded and instantly called the doctor, requesting him to wait at the villa. When Tony hung up the phone, he discreetly peeked at Brian through the rear-view mirror. A dash of mixed emotions painted across his face.

Brian and Molly were still glaring at each other with flinty, menacing eyes. Molly furrowed her brows even deeper with the increasing pain, which kept getting worse by the minute. The previous day, the wound had been exacerbated at the hospital, adding to the damage she had suffered when Brian had sex with her two days earlier, while she was still bleeding;. At this point, it was unbearable.

"You know you have a wound in your back. Why were you so stupid to move that way?" Brian rebuked her with scorns. Then, he abruptly shifted his gaze from Molly's pained face to the rear-view mirror, meeting Tony's eyes. Shocked, Tony understood his signal and quickly turned to avoid his eyes.

Tony stepped on th

passionate feelings towards a toy.

Suddenly, his phone rang, throwing him from the reverie and jerking his hand that was almost caressing Molly on the cheek. Returning to his usual cold face, he took out his phone, looked at the number on the screen and answered at once,"Have you caught him?"

"No, Mr. Shen had secretly sent him away!" A cold voice came from the other side of the line.

Narrowing his eyes, Brian instructed coldly,"Stop him! Do whatever to catch him!"

"Yes, Mr. Long!" The person at the other end paused and then asked,"What are you going to do to him if we catch him? Throw him to feed the Black Wolf?"

Brian rested his eyes on Molly for a short while and then answered in a peaceful voice,"Just kill him!"

The person was surprised at Brian's decision, but he didn't want to dig in. Instead he simply switched the topic and reported,"Mr. Long, your mother had a quarrel with your father and she has left the XK Intelligence Agency!"

Upon hearing this, Brian instantly pulled a face, briefly responded to his caller and hung up the phone.

He shifted his gaze to Molly and was surprised to meet her eyes. Molly had woken up when Brian touched her cheek, but her eyelids were still too heavy to raise at that time. It was while her tormentor was on call that she had managed to open her eyes.

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