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   Chapter 68 Professional Ethics (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5515

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Molly stared at him silently. His face was neither cold nor soft. Instead, it looked casual. Only his thin lips under his high nose and thick black eyelashes seemed to portray his indifference.

Molly watched him sleep, and a strange feeling suddenly flashed through her mind: he was as quiet as a kid!

She quickly frowned, and sneered at such an improper comparison. Then she disapprovingly curled her lips and looked away. However, after a while, she looked at him again, and his calm and peaceful face suddenly reminded her of the warm embrace she had been in yesterday...

Her eyelashes fluttered, and slowly, her eyes turned blank and perplexed. It seemed like she had several complex emotions towards that man-- grudges, fears, annoyance, resistance, even submission... Sometimes, she even felt like he had captured her heart.

Molly tried to recall yesterday's events, but she failed to remember how she got out of the staircases. All she remembered was that warm, powerful embrace had carried her upstairs and she had managed to fall asleep. She had been extremely overwhelmed at that time and the person had felt familiar.

She thought, 'Brian, I can't understand the kind of person you are! You treated me so cruelly and then you turn into this gentle man who takes my breath away.'

She pressed her lips together, and fell into her deep thought. Another vague memory flashed through her mind; he seemed to have kissed her with furious eyes. She blinked her eyes, totally absorbed in her thoughts. Her weakness could still be seen in her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, they were met with a sharp gaze.


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man, because he started to work on his laptop after he got in the car. His slender fingers continued to click on the keyboard, and the light sound in the narrow space bathing in sunshine was pleasing to Molly's ears.

She withdrew her gaze from outside and looked at him. His lips were pressed together, and his eyes were focused on the screen. Molly then glanced at the screen. There was a chart of red and green lines crossing together. Although Molly didn't know it well, she knew it was the stock market quotation.

She suddenly realized that she had never known exactly what kind of job he did. She only knew that he was very busy, and she could only see him when he was free and in a playful mood!

She lowered her head, and thought, 'Half the month has gone by since I left home. Another fortnight, and I'll be able to go back...'

"Are you thinking you'll be back home soon?"

Brian's cold voice suddenly broke the silence. Molly, deep in her thoughts, quickly snapped out of her trance and stared at him.

When she met his deep and serene eyes, her face immediately turned pale.

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