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   Chapter 67 Professional Ethics (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5968

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Brian heavily kissed Molly in front of Eric. His eyes were berserk with fury but he didn't know why he was so angry. Was it due to his own impulsive action, or the slap on her face? Or was it because she had said "It hurts, Brian!" even in a coma?

He had got used to injuries and death in his unusual life, and he had gone through hell during his special training in XK Intelligence Agency. In his eyes, nothing was more common than the feeling of pain. However, at that moment when he heard Molly murmuring "It hurts!" in front of him, his own heart seemed to ache with her pains.

When Eric saw Brian's sudden act, he immediately stood up from his seat and stared at him with his mouth slightly open, and with eyes filled with astonishment! He couldn't understand why Brian did what he just did.

No one in the Long Family was more cruel or arrogant than Brian was. He was aloof, powerful, cruel, and extremely ruthless, even more than Richie was. As far as Eric knew, he only cared for three women in his life: Shirley, Wing, and Becky. However, it seemed that he was being tender to Molly.

Eric pondered with half-closed eyes, and a sly smile appeared on his face. He secretly sneered at Brian, but there were complex feelings flowing in his eyes.

He thought, 'Brian, it seems that Little Molly is also in your heart now.

You said that this was just a game in order to irritate Becky?

Hey, I bet even you don't know what's going on with you, do you?'

Eric glanced at Molly and could hear her groan. He wondered whether it was due to her wounds, or because of breathlessness as a result of Brian's kiss.

Eventually, Brian left Molly. Her pale lips had become unhealthily red because of his forceful kiss.

"Hmmm..." Still faint, Molly gave a short

stains, and Molly's blank, dull, despairing face flashed through his mind, followed by her slim body curling up in his arms and nestling against his chest like a little kitten.

Eric gradually fell into a trance, and his thoughts stopped at Molly's pale face and her unconscious dependence on him.

When Lenny glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Eric dropping his gaze onto something, she curiously tilted her head and took a quick glance. She was totally taken aback by what she saw and wondered, 'Eric is a total cleanliness freak. Why the hell didn't he wash off the bloodstains from his hands?' *


Molly did not regain consciousness until the next morning. Waking up, she frowned, wondering where she was, and tried to get up. But the wound in her back sent a sharp pain so she closed her eyes again. She mockingly asked herself, 'It seems that I usually lose consciousness these days, but what time should it be now?'

After a while, she slowly opened her eyes and gazed towards the side.

Brian was sitting on a chair with his elbow leaning on the arm of the chair and his face in his hand. His eyes were closed and his breathing was regular. He seemed to be asleep!

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