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   Chapter 66 Oh, Brian….It Hurts (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5600

Updated: 2019-01-08 10:11

The doctor was smart and sophisticated. He tightly held the tweezers and calmly treated the wound of Molly while saying, "Despite previous good treatment, the wound in her back has been infected and inflamed now. The fiber and other foreign materials on the sweater have entered the wound and hadn't been cleaned up in time. I'll have to clean the wound. It will hurt, but it's our only choice!"

Eric frowned and opened his mouth slightly. He wanted to say something, but finally he gave up. He twitched his mouth and said nothing.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Molly groaned again with a sigh and her eyes quivering. "Oh, oh, it hurts so bad! Brian.... that hurts. Help me!"

Molly kept on moaning. It seemed to be the only way she could escape from the pain. Eric was far-away so he couldn't hear that, but the doctor heard her clearly.

Stunned, the doctor paused, but only for a second, then he continued.

'Who is this girl? It's amazing that she seems to know both Eric and Brian very well. Eric cares for her a lot and carried her here, but she calls for Brian in a coma. My god, what's the matter with them? Generally, people tend to subconsciously call some people in a coma, or when they are uneasy, and the names are often the most important ones in their life or the scariest!'

The doctor had no idea about Molly and he couldn't figure out what Brain was to Molly, but there was no good man in the Long family.

"Ouch, it hurts...." Molly tried to get away from the burning pain in her back and her face was scraped up.

Eric's face darkened steadily because he had no clue why Molly was in the hospital and he knew that Brain wouldn't allow her to go to the ho

ace poured out her grievances.

Brian darkened his eyes deeply and slightly twisted his lips while staring at her quivering eyelashes.

At the sight of the red mark and despair on her pale face, blazing anger smoldered in his heart.

Brian opened his eyes widely all of a sudden. A smart man like him had figured it out without checking.

His eyes became darker and darker when he gently fondled her face with his coarse finger. He wasn't aware that he felt a sudden tender pity for her.

She hadn't groaned even when she was being possessed by him with the wound in her back cracking and bleeding last night!

But now she was gasping again and again.

What was hurting, her wound or her heart?

Brian was clearly pissed off!

"Oh, Brian.... It hurts!"

Hearing this, Brian froze immediately. He slowly squinted his sharp eyes at Molly. There was only one thing in his mind now!

He wanted to hug Molly tightly and kiss her a million times to make her forget all her pain!

And he did it in front of Eric. Under the stunned gaze of Eric, Brian bent down and his cold mouth met her pale lips.

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