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   Chapter 65 Oh, Brian….It Hurts (Part One)

Crazy Rich Lover By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6070

Updated: 2019-01-08 05:05

When Eric entered the staircase, Brian's car was sliding into the hospital compound. Tony stopped the car and held the door open for his boss.

Brian got out. He had looked frightening and gloomy at the club, but here, even though his face was long as a fiddle, his presence was less threatening and pressurizing.

Brian stood by the car with both hands in his trouser pockets and waited for Tony who was talking to the hospital authority on the phone. Tony frowned slightly, and, hanging up, respectfully told Brian," Miss Xia left a few minutes after she came into the ward. The nurse on the seventh floor saw her entering the staircase."

Brian slightly knitted his eyebrows thoughtfully, and ordered,"She must be in the hospital. Find her right away!"

"Yes, sir!" Tony replied and ran to the central control room of the hospital at once.

Brian stood still as the sunset shone upon his tall and straight figure. The bright half looked like a warm, lovely angel, and the darker one seemed like a cold-blooded devil. Even as two extreme opposites, his bright half and his dark one coexisted with each other in harmony.

He simply stood there for a long while. Those who passed by were wondering why he was standing there, but they looked away after just a glance at him. He had that sort of personality. People couldn't help wondering why they were afraid of this man who looked half like an angel.


Molly opened her red and vacant eyes widely. She was completely immersed in her sorrows and was unaware of the wound in her back cracking again, or the blood staining her clothes.

She didn't feel pain or anything. She just sat on the cold step with a pale face.

All of a sudden, she heard the sound of footsteps from upstairs, which seemed kind of weird in such a silent staircase, but with ev

ered briefly,"Arrange a ward and inform surgery's attending physician!"

"Yes, Mr. Long!" The nurse took a fast look at Molly who was already in a coma and then ran to fulfill his orders.

The order had come from Eric, so both the ward and the doctor were ready very soon. They had little contact with him, but almost everyone knew about him. He had a double degree from Harvard, at the same age as university students. They knew it wasn't easy to get along well with him.

Eric crossed his arms over his sturdy chest, and leaned against the wall, coldly staring at the nurse who was carefully cutting off the clothes on Molly's back.

'What an asshole! Does she really know what she is doing? Does she want to die?' Eric cursed in his mind.

The blood had dried and the creamy white sweater was now crimson.

"Ah, Oh.... Uh!" Molly groaned again even though she was in a complete coma. She could still feel the pain as the nurse tried to cut off the sweater.

"You're hurting her! Be soft!" Eric gave the nurse an icy stare and coldly told her.

The nurse was so freaked out that she almost dropped the tweezers she was going to pass to the doctor. She swallowed and glanced at Eric in terror.

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