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   Chapter 64 Leave My Woman Alone! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 4820

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Mr. Shen frowned and said in a slow voice, "So what do you mean? Won't you do me a favor?"

Brian sneered superciliously, and the air seemed to turn chilly, which oppressed everyone in the room. He firmly continued, "I came here to tell you that A city was just a toy for me. I can do anything I like and no one will dare to intervene. Did you really think Tyler could touch my woman? How could I be the boss of my men if I didn't fight even for my woman? "

Brian was no fool. He knew that Tyler would remember today and wouldn't dare to touch Molly even though he was a dirty old bastard. So there must be someone behind him, so who was it? Who had the right to order Tyler?

How dare they challenge him by touching his woman!

His eyes turned dark and deep abruptly, and, stubbing out his cigar in the ashtray, he said, "Molly is my woman, she and everyone related to her are under my protection!"

With that, he put down his crossed legs and stood up. Glancing at Tyler behind Mr. Shen, he put on his coat and walked out gracefully.

As soon as the door was closed, Tyler took several deep breaths to recover. He had bated his breath for several minutes when Brian was inside. Then he said with a black look, "Fuck! Fuck! Who the hell does he think he is? The King of A city? Fuck him! I want to cut pieces of him off...."


Mr. Shen slapped him hard on the cheeks. Squinting at him, he said coldly, "Know your place! Y

rector's office, listening to the preparation and routine reports. His face was stern and grave, unlike his usual expressions.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar image on the monitor. Immediately, he grabbed the keyboard and after some swift operations, he got a clear zoomed-up picture. A sad face and a thin, trembling body was displayed on the monitor. He mumbled to himself, "Why is she here?"

"What?" The Director was confused. In fact, he was waiting for Eric's orders, but Eric had asked something else, and his voice was too low to discern.

Eric switched the picture, stood up, and gave an order, "Keep your eyes on the blood bank. Report to me immediately if there is any change." He was gone before the director had realized.

He didn't take the lift. Instead, he walked into the staircase as he didn't know which floor Molly was on. He searched every floor one by one from top to bottom. At almost the same time Brian arrived at Empire Hospital.

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