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   Chapter 62 His Bloody Revenge (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6813

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"Remember to take the medicine after your meal, " said Lisa. She put the pills in a small box and said, "If you want to visit your mother, just tell John. He will drive you there."

Hearing Lisa's words, Molly's eyes instantly brightened up. She looked at Lisa in surprise and asked, "Really? Can I?"

Lisa smiled and nodded. Molly paused and asked, "Then... won't he get angry?"

Lisa burst into laughter and said, "This is exactly what Mr. Long told me."

Molly found that it was really difficult to understand Brian's attitude towards her. Sometimes, he treated her so well that it almost made her fall for his sweetness; but sometimes, he was a horrible demon who would destroy her entirely. Whenever she was with him, Molly felt like she was between paradise and hell.

Molly was eager to visit her mother and as soon as she finished her meal, she asked John to drive her to the hospital. "Here we are, Miss Xia, " John steadily stopped the car and said with a smile. "I'll wait for you in the parking lot."

Before she got out, Molly threw a glance at the tall building through her window. There was a golden Dragon Empire Group logo which looked luxurious and aggressive.

Dragon Empire Group was an international and legendary family empire company, specializing in various scopes. However, most of the girls took delight in thinking about its legendary CEO, who was said to have given up the opportunity of oil exploration on the Sun Island, in exchange for his wife's safety. He was also rumoured to have given up his wealth and status, so his wife could live a common, happy, and peaceful life. They travelled the world now, leaving traces of their romance in every corner of the globe.

Many girls admired the woman who had that man's true love. How they hoped that they could own such a man's love, even if just for a short moment!

However, everyone had his or her own fate. Luck didn't knock on everyone's door, and it was pointless to admire someone else. Molly herself understood that a humble, common girl li

ntly as her breathing became deeper. She asked with all her strength, "Molly... you...have you..."

Sharon lost her words. It took her a long while to find her voice again. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Have you done something you shouldn't have?"

Molly managed to hold her tears back. She slowly turned her face to look at her mother. She didn't know how to explain everything clearly.

Slap! Another hand fell on her face, followed by Sharon's trembling and furious voice, "Shameless!" Sharon's anger erupted. She continued, "You don't need to have yourself humiliated in order to save me. I would rather die! Don't you remember the past event? Don't you remember why we moved away so many years ago? Don't you understand what I've been going through because of that? Have you no shame?"

Finally, the tears overflowed Molly's eyes. She didn't move but just let them pour down her cheeks, to her lips. The bitterness soon spread in her mouth, mixed with her sorrow.

She now realized that there was something even more painful than what Brian had done to her the previous night. It was the pain she felt when her own family blamed her for something.

What had she done wrong?

She had done everything she could to pay for her father's loans, her mother's medical expenses, and her brother's tuition fees. What on earth had she done wrong?

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