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   Chapter 61 His Bloody Revenge (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7199

Updated: 2019-01-07 00:09

Blood, sex, and love filled the room. Molly's face was pale, and she was looking weakly at Brian. The first time she had sex with Brian had been in an unconscious state; the second time, it had been in his study like a punishment; and this time... it had felt like a bloody revenge!



What does he want revenge for?' Molly thought.

She couldn't understand why he was so angry. She was only his toy for a month.

Her pain steadily increased. The wound in her back had reopened and was bleeding. Waves of pain throbbed through her body as Brian moved on her. The vibrations running through made her feel as if all the blood in her body was rushing towards her brain, and she was gradually losing her senses.

Brian could see that her face was twitching in pain and she was still trying to bear it. For a moment, there was a flash of sympathy on his face which soon vanished. Before he could ponder anymore, he heard her mumble 'Edgar' unknowingly, which made his eyes fume in rage.

Molly's eyelids were heavy and drooping. Her eyes were vacant and seemed distant. Suddenly, she grinned...

She felt so happy for being able to faint and lose all senses. Finally, she could separate herself from the noise and ruthlessness of the world, even if it was for a moment.

With that on her mind, she slowly closed her eyes.

"Open your eyes!"

A cold, deadly voice left Brian's mouth, piercing the darkness. He looked horrible and demonic, with sharp eyes staring directly at Molly's closing eyes, as if they were going to swallow her innocence and purity. Lust and fury had taken over him and his face was completely dark.

Molly did not react. Her body and mind were longing for peace and sleep, and she was on the verge of fainting. All she could think about was whether she would bleed to death.

She felt incredibly vulnerable. All the strength she had built up over the years suddenly collapsed. Unable to pretend anymore, she thought it would be better to die now, what with her father's loans, her mother's illness, and her younger brother's tuition fees. She couldn't endure it anymore, and she didn't want to!


looking at her, she said after a pause,"I think Mr. Long is really worried about you."

Molly gazed at her in confusion, as if she had heard something unbelievable.

Lisa was amused by her confused look. She beckoned her to continue eating and said,"Normally, Mr. Long treats the people around him very well. He forbade you to go out yesterday. I guess, he might have known that something bad was going to happen to you."

Molly was paralyzed to hear her words. She stopped eating and looked in confusion at Lisa. Then she asked peacefully,"Really?"

She lowered her eyes and began eating again. She was wondering whether Lisa was telling the truth. Brian had had sex with her despite her condition. She didn't resent that but she was still very angry.

She owed him two hundred thousand dollars. It wasn't such a big amount of money. Why was she being punished like this?

Molly felt a dull pain in her back. However, she was used to it now. After that painful sex with Brian in her wounded state, she felt like she could bear every other pain.

"Lisa, where were you yesterday?" asked Molly.

"I had stomachache again yesterday afternoon, so I was in bed the whole afternoon," Lisa calmly replied. She felt some sympathy in her heart for Molly, especially when she looked at the strength and endurance on her face. Lisa had heard about Molly's parents and pitied her for having to suffer so much only for her parents.

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