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   Chapter 60 A Restless Night

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 2993

Updated: 2019-01-06 01:12

Molly closed her eyes and grasped a part of the sheet in her hand tightly. She clenched her teeth and her eyelids quivered uncontrollably.

Brian's dark eyes narrowed and his lips curved into a sarcastic smile when he looked up and found Molly shaking in fear. But at the same time, he felt suddenly aroused by the reaction of her body.

Molly closed her eyes, stayed still, and waited for Brian's next move as though she had accepted her fate of just being his plaything. However, nothing happened. She didn't feel nor hear anything. It was so quiet in the room and the pressure on her body suddenly disappeared. 'What's happening? Why isn't he moving?' Molly asked herself curiously.

With hands still clutching the sheet, Molly opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was his enchanting smile, which made her feel suffocated just by looking at it.

Brian looked into her eyes and

n't want it." Brian's deep and tempting voice was just around her ears. "Look how much you want me now."

"Brian Long! I don't!" Molly claimed resolutely and gnashed her teeth.

Brian raised an eyebrow and teased. "Oh, really? Let me check if it's true then!"

Molly did not bother to answer back. She closed her eyes again and decided to let Brian do whatever he wanted.

After all, she knew that she would never win against him. As was often said, the first time was actually the hardest, and the rest would be easier.Perhaps, it was time that she accepted her fate and got used to it.

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