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   Chapter 59 A Crazy Behaviour (Part Two)

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Had he ever done such a thing before?

Perhaps he had never done this before. Being born with a silver spoon, he didn't have to lift a finger to serve anybody.

Molly suddenly sneered at herself.

She felt embarrassed and pitiful at that moment, but she even managed to think of such a thing about Brian in such a situation.

"Brian Long..." Molly gently called Brian's name.

Brian stopped and took a glance at her, with his lips slightly closed.

Molly swallowed hard. The coldness and the pain she felt in her body kept her conscious and clear-headed. She feebly blinked her eyes and said slowly, "You... you really don't want to let me go, right?"

Brian's eyes suddenly lit up in astonishment. Pausing for a moment, he looked her in the eye and asked, "What do you think?"

Molly tried her best to keep her eyes open despite the cold and pain she felt. "While I stay here, can you... put the photo... of that woman... away for the mean time?"

Molly said these words with difficulty. She wanted to pass out. Perhaps she would forget everything and not feel the pain if she would just faint. However, at this moment, as much as she wanted to, her mind was still clear and did not cooperate.

"Of course, you can also just... ignore what I said," Molly added. She wore a rueful smile and the photo in Brian's study flashed through her mind once again. Then Edgar's face suddenly appeared in her thoughts. Edgar was the only person who had the most impact on her up until now.

If she hadn't met him, she might still be the same person who hid herself behind a tree and was afraid of being around anybody. Ever since she had met him, she could never forget and could still vividly recall her experience that day, the rainy weather, the bitter accusation and their encounter.

Sometimes, life was so strange. Just when Molly had slowly forgotten what happened in the past and started to forget her feelings for Edgar as well, she met him again. It was so unexpected that all the memories of him and the past frantically came back to her al

disappointed like a child who failed to get his candies. He stopped kissing her and felt pity when he saw that the corner of her mouth was bleeding because he kissed her so hard and scratched her lips. But when he looked at Molly's eyes which were full of sarcasm, he became indifferent again.

"Do you think that I will let you go if you behave like this?" Brian said coldly.

Molly's body became slightly stiff as she grew frightened when she looked at Brian. He seemed to be able to see through her and find out all of her secrets. She felt even more scared of him.

"Brian Long, I'm injured!" Molly said in a hoarse voice.

"What's wrong? Aren't you pretending to be strong anymore?" Brian wore an unkind smile as he leaned towards Molly's ear and gently touched her eardrop with the tip of his tongue. After noticing that Molly shivered with fear, Brian laughed and said, "You are such an interesting woman, so I will not let you die. After we finish kissing and making love, I will ask the doctor to dress your wound. If the doctor helps you dress your wound before we do it, it will be useless because it will open again and we will just have to bandage it again."

After uttering these words, Brian began to kiss Molly's neck. While he was doing it, Molly did not try to fight back and instead, gradually indulged herself in that soft and special feeling.

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