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   Chapter 58 A Crazy Behaviour (Part One)

Crazy Rich Lover By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7509

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"Please don't!" Molly screamed. Everything that happened in that house made of tin sheets flashed through her mind. Like a frightened rabbit, she got so flurried that she waved her hands wildly while she was pushing Brian. Molly had an intravenous drip at that moment, but the needle was accidentally dislodged from its original place because her hands kept moving. And since the needle was displaced, her hand began to swell and the skin around it turned slightly dark.

Yet Molly completely ignored the pain. She was so scared that she tried to pull her clothes closer to her body to cover her skin.

Brian slightly frowned when he saw what she was doing. He then fixed his eyes on her chest where a wound had been dressed and kiss marks were scattered. A gloomy expression was revealed on his face.

Molly tightly bit her lips and her eyes were full of tears. She glared at Brian and shouted hoarsely,"Brian Long, why, why? Why do you have to treat me like this? Why?"

While saying the last few words, Molly even roared at Brian and looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes. She firmly gripped her nightgown which had been torn up. She didn't dare to think about the disgusting kiss marks on her body. All she had wanted was just to earn money to help her father repay his debts, and pay for her mother's medical bills and Daniel's tuition fees, but why did she have to go through such a horrible experience?

"Why?" Brian asked with a sneer. He had looked displeased the moment he saw those marks on her chest, but now he felt even more furious with rage flashing in his eyes. He removed the needle from Molly's hand, carried her in his arms, and then walked towards the bathroom.

"Let go of me! What are you doing?" Molly shouted and struggled in Brian's arms. Even though she felt pain from her wound and bruises, she didn't mind them at all. All that mattered at that moment was the pain and anger she was feeling inside.

With a straight face, Brian put Molly down into the bathtub just when she was about to break free from his arms. After that, he turned the knob of the shower head.

"Ahhhh... Brian, what are you doing? You're insane! Hmmp... Let me go!" Molly tried to stand up, but Brian pushed her into the bathtub

an Brian. She had even uttered such words to provoke him. What was wrong with her?

She knew clearly that she had to please him and that she shouldn't say anything or do anything to irritate or disappoint him. Brian was a powerful and prominent young man. Perhaps he might have not suffered any setbacks from birth and he was so used to people obeying everything that he said at his command, so how would he be able to endure such disobedience?

"Hmm!" Molly gave out a gentle moan. Since both of them had stopped what they had been doing, she suddenly felt the sharp pain in her body. She furrowed her eyebrows and gasped because of the pain.

With squinted eyes, Brian's face was full of anger. He pulled a long face while he looked at Molly, and then he threw away the shower head to pick her up. Even though Molly was dripping wet and his clothes got stained by the blood coming out from her wound, Brian carried her out of the bathtub. He then laid Molly, who looked so pale and weak, down gently on the bed and called a doctor to come over to the villa to check her up and dress her wound. After making the call, he rudely tore off the rest of Molly's clothes and took a towel to wipe her body.

Molly remained motionless, not because she didn't want to react against him, but because she had no strength to do anything anymore. She weakly gazed at Brian's hands wiping her body. He wasn't doing it in such a gentle manner, but she could feel that he was very careful not to hurt her.

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