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   Chapter 57 Don't Push Me! (Part Five)

Crazy Rich Lover By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5469

Updated: 2019-01-05 02:29

Edgar drove to the hospital. This time he was told that the Xia family had left the hospital and no one knew where they went.

Sitting in the car, watching a large influx of people walking on the street, Edgar was absorbed in thought.

How could they just disappear? There must be someone behind this!

Was it Mr. Shen or Mr. Brian Long?

Suddenly something occurred to his mind! He started the car and after a sharp turn, the car ran towards the government building.


In the villa, Brian was standing by the window watching outside with his hands in his pockets. The snow outside had almost melted away with only a little left on the ground.

Upstairs, the doctor had been dressing Molly's wounds for the last several hours.

Her cuts weren't big but were hard to clean and the fragments of rusted iron had mixed with her flesh which could have gone septic.

Brian got slightly worried as time went by, and his face gradually turned gloomy.

A red roadster drifted into a parking lot and stopped steadily. Eric got out of the car and walked hurriedly inside the villa.

The moment he stepped in, he was overwhelmed by the depressing atmosphere. Seeing Brian by the window, he walked up to him and asked, "Brian, what's wrong?"

"Nothing!" Brian replied. As he turned around, his face was marked by a cold, weird smile.

"How is Little Molly?" Eric asked with concern in his voice.

Brian walked to the bar table, and opened a bottle of wine. "You care about her?" he asked as he poured a glass.

"Just asking", Eric replied with a smile, as he took the glass from Brian and took a tiny sip.

Brian merely

me! Let her go! " she roared.

Brian grasped Molly' neck, which was covered with red bruises, and said scornfully, "She is being punished because of you! This is the cost of your willfulness!"

"Ow!" Molly cried out. She was almost choked to death but she didn't give in and merely glowered at him, and gnashed her teeth in anger. "You are a despicable monster!" She slowly spat out her hatred.

"I am a monster?" Brian sneered. "Who's the hero? Your dear Edgar? Is he the hero in your heart? Mol, do you know that… he arrived at the house early and waited till you had been abused for quite a while!"

"That's impossible!" Molly shouted, staring at him with her big eyes. Her mind was, at the moment, filled with disbelief, and she didn't care how Brian had known that.

"Impossible?" Molly's words and the hatred on her face made Brian completely mad. "The proof is on your body! Let's see what Tyler had done to you just because Edgar let him!"

Creak! Brian reached out his big hands, clutched Molly's collar and then ripped off her nightgown.

"No!" came Molly's sad cry.

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