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   Chapter 56 Don't Push Me! (Part Four)

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"Thank? Who are you thanking? Me?" Brian snorted, "For what?"

"Thank you for transferring my mom to a better hospital, " Molly answered.

"You are welcome, " Brian replied with a grim smile, "If the events of today repeat themselves, everyone you care about in the world will suffer!"

Brian suddenly squinted at her, "This is the last time I've given you a warning."

"Brian Long!" Molly called out his name in a rage, shivering and gasping. Through clenched teeth she added, "I didn't mean to escape today. I just wanted to check on my mother and then I would have come back. Just think about my position. What would you do if your parents were in hospital? You…"

"Your humble parents don't deserve my concern! They are nothing compared to mine!" Brian interrupted Molly coldly. "Molly Xia, my patience is limited. Don't push me again!"

Hearing that, Molly became so furious that she started panting loudly, which triggered the pain in her back, and her face turned pale. She said nothing more. Brian was insane!

She turned her body and became extremely quiet, moistening her dry lips with her tongue.

In any case, it was good to know that her mother was all right. All the pain she was suffering right now was worth it.

Suddenly, she seemed immune to the pain. The only thing that hurt her was the thought of Edgar, and her heart pained to think that nothing could now happen between them anymore as Brian had made her a sex-toy. A wry smile appeared on her sad face.

Brian glanced at Molly, who was looking dreadfully pale. The sight seemed to worry him, and he accelerated the car to full throttle.

The abrupt acceleration threw Molly towa

to her? Why was she with Brian?

"Mr. Mayor? Mr. Mayor?" Bill called out to him.

"Inform the police of A City that all officials whose ranks are above inspector are requested to attend a meeting tomorrow afternoon!" Edgar didn't answer his question. Taking his coat, he started to go out and added, "Pay close attention to both groups. I want to know every move they make."

"Of course!" Bill replied. Looking behind him, Bill asked curiously, "Where are you going, Mr. Mayor?"

"To handle something personal!" Edgar answered as he walked out. Ever since he had been back, he had been so busy that he got time to visit none of his several acquaintances in the city. Now, it was time to visit his Uncle Steven, who was once a legend but now, lived like an ordinary person.

However, when he arrived at Steven's house, he was informed that they had moved out. Edgar tracked down their rental house but no one was at home. One of the neighbors said that Mrs. Xia was sick and had been hospitalized in The Second Hospital of A City and that the rest of the family were in the hospital to take care of her.

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