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   Chapter 55 Don't Push Me! (Part Three)

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Edgar's heart bled to see her in pain. He glared at Brian and said, "Be careful, Mr. Long! She's hurt!"

His name seemed to shock everyone in the room. No one had expected the handsome young man to be the famous Brian Long of A City.

"Oh, really?" Brian asked as he held her tighter on purpose. She suddenly felt as if something was tangling on her back and she gasped harder.

"Brian Long, is this how you treat your woman?" Edgar angrily remarked.

Brian didn't answer. He simply lowered his head towards Molly and was enraged when all he saw was Edgar in her eyes. "Mol, am I good to you?" he asked in a cold voice, trying to conceal his anger.

In response, Molly flinched and looked into his dark eyes while biting her lips. How could he ask her something like that? All she felt near him was shame and fear, even more than what she had felt near Tyler. How could he be good to her? Without giving him an answer, Molly turned and stared at Edgar in distress, hoping that he wouldn't misunderstand their relationship. She wanted to explain everything but she couldn't.

Brian gave out a loud groan as he raised his head. "Mr. Mayor, why are you so concerned about my woman? What do you want from her?" he asked.

The cops were astonished to hear that, because they hadn't known Edgar's identity. The sheriff was especially taken aback as he had just ordered his being brought to the police station. For them, the entire situation was out of their hands. They didn't dare speak a word.

For Edgar, it wasn't surprising that Brian knew who he was. Clearly, he had done his research. Right now, seeing Molly suffer, he remarked, "Mr. Long, if you don't want your woman to die, I suggest you take her

octor just came to check on her and she is asleep right now. Also dad is fine now. Your friend said he would help track down whoever hit him. Molly, since when have you got such a friend?" added Daniel.

"Who? My friend?" Molly was confused. "Where is the hospital?"

"Yes, your friend!" Daniel continued, "Well…I'm not sure but we seem to be at an affiliated hospital of the Dragon Empire Group. I saw a logo in the hospital with two dragons, noses to tails on a shield and a capital Z in the middle. I remember seeing that on TV before!"

Daniel kept saying excitedly, not noticing the silence at the other end.

Molly gazed at Brian for quite a long while, and then answered, "I see. It's a relief to know that mom's alright. I'm in the middle of something. I will come and see you as soon as possible."

"It's okay. Your friend has told us about that. You can set your mind at rest, Molly. Don't worry about mom. She's fine, " Daniel replied.

"I see. I have to go now. Take good care of mom!" She hung up the phone and passed it to Brian. Looking at his gloomy face, she pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "Thank you!"

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