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   Chapter 53 Don't Push Me! (Part One)

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A dead silence followed. Molly Xia looked at the figure standing by the door through a curtain of moist tears. Due to the dim light, all she could make out was the fact that it was a man.

Staring at him with fear, she hoped that he had come to save her and her tears kept pouring down as she sobbed.

Tyler turned around, looking at the man with his vicious and despicable eyes. Whoever this man was, if he tried to get in Tyler's way, he would have his dead body!

As soon as Tyler stood up and walked towards the man, Molly tried to crawl towards the corner, but with her hands tied behind her back, she couldn't move on a bit. She just kept trembling in rage and shame.

"It seems you're quite smart. You tracked down this place without drawing my attention." Tyler said to the man standing by the door, seeming unconcerned about him.

The man just glared at him coldly.

"It is wrong to treat a girl like this," suddenly he uttered scornfully, in a voice sweet as a violin melody, but in a tone that sounded particularly creepy in the dimly lit house.

"What bullshit!" Tyler snorted with a murderous look.

Molly was continuously struggling to hide but failing again and again. Her clothes were tattered, leaving her fair breasts mostly exposed, and her wounds were bleeding drop by drop. Overwhelmed by the shame of being violated, she was sobbing hard.

The man ignored Tyler and glanced at her. Seeing her there seemed to surprise him, and he started walking inside, taking his clothes off at the same moment.

Smash! Tyler suddenly took a swing at the man.

His fist was blocked by the man single-handedly. Then he turned around and looked at Tyler indifferently, sneering at him. When Ty

n fact, she had so many feelings mixed that she couldn't tell how she really felt on seeing him.

"Edgar?" Molly said with trembling lips, with a strange feeling arising in her heart. She couldn't believe it was the same Edgar she knew and burst into tears again. "Edgar, is it really you?" Molly asked again,"It's you, right?"

Edgar pursed his lips, and replied in his husky voice,"Yes, it's me. I'm sorry, Molly… I have come too late and it breaks my heart to see you like this."

Hearing what he had said, Molly began wailing. "Edgar, why have you come so late?" She howled, shedding down even more tears. .

"Don't worry. You're safe now," Edgar said.

However, he couldn't stop her from crying. Instead, his words seemed to trigger an emotional breakdown and she cried even harder for all the humiliations she had suffered these days.

Distressed, Edgar gently held her in his arms to console her. But when his hand slid to her shoulder, he felt something wet and sticky.

He withdrew his hand and checked it carefully under the dim light. To his surprise, it was blood. "You're injured!" He shouted, turning pale in panic.

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