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   Chapter 52 Caught In Danger

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At Emp Stock Exchange, Brian stood in front of a huge screen watching the red and green numbers and charts on it, with indifference and contempt written on his face. The look in his eyes was filled with confidence and ruthlessness, and that arrogance suited those who were at the top of the pyramid.

Harrow stood beside him and was looking at the screen as well. The excitement in his gaze grew deeper and deeper. After the market had closed, he said cheerfully," What a good job Aaron has done!"

Brian slightly lifted the corners of his mouth, then moved his gaze away from the huge screen and turned his eyes to the monitoring screen of the lobby. In the picture, some people were shouting madly, and some were crying loud; others, who were extremely overwhelmed, were standing still with paper and pen in their hands, and staring blankly at the screen in front of them.

In terms of these scenarios, the stock market could be likened to casinos. You might become a billionaire there overnight, or you might get debt-ridden in a second.

Brian enjoyed the thrill of ups and downs, and that was why he engaged only in stocks and casinos.

To witness the sudden change of lives in such a short period of time was like the excitement one could feel during a roller-coaster ride. It was dramatic and stimulating enough just to think about it.

A ruthless grin appeared on Brian's face when he thought, 'The greedier you are, the more you will lose eventually!"

He stepped towards the wine cabinet, took out a bottle of wine and filled two glasses with it. After handing one glass to Harrow, he said to him," Aaron isn't a simple person. One who's able to endure silently and wait for his opportunity patiently like him will definitely make a hit sooner or later."

Harrow merely shrugged his shoulders in response. He sat down on the sofa and glanced at the monitoring screen, and said unemotionally," I'm curious about what the news around the world will be like tomorrow."

He thought indifferently, 'How many people will end their lives after such an unexpected and unacceptable incident?'

"Not my business," Brian sneered and said coldly," and since they played their part in the game, they should have been prepared for such a result."

Harrow fell silent. During this sudden change in the stock market, the stock prices of some promising companies declined so considerably that they were suspended from trading, while other stocks which weren't favored by most investors rocketed up in their values. However, these phenomena didn't happen by accident but were orchestrated by Brian. Whether in casinos or on stock market, the so-called 'luck' was actually a means of deceiving those who were ignorant to believe in it.

At that moment, there was a sudden knock on the door. After Brian had replied "Come in," Tony pushed the door open and went inside. He glanced at Harrow, and then walked up to Brian and said," Mr. Long, Miss Xia has left the villa."

After hearing his words, the look in Brian's eyes immediately turned cold. He asked," Didn't I s

kept close together.

"Mmmm! It tastes good!" Tyler said with a savage look shining in his eyes. He grabbed Molly's body closer to him and closely leaned against her. His lips greedily touched the bleeding wound between her breasts...

"No! Get away from me! Stop!" Molly screamed in panic and struggled fiercely. Her hands under her body were already badly bruised, and the wound in her back caused by the bulging object was bleeding heavily. She kept shouting helplessly," You get away from me! You should know that I'm Brian's woman! If you don't let me go now, Brian won't let you get away with it so easily!"

At that very moment, Molly was so terrified that she couldn't think over the words before speaking them out, and she couldn't help but mention Brian's name continuously. Faced with danger, she subconsciously admitted her relationship with Brian which in normal circumstances, she would have felt ashamed to blurt out loud.

However, contrary to what she had expected, Tyler got even more furious and more aggressive whenever he heard the name she had called out in confusion.

After Tyler had licked the bleeding wound on her chest, he pinned her body down on the floor tightly. He then raised his head and looked down at her with twitching lips, and said coldly," I brought you here just because you're Brian's woman!"

After that, he tore off the only clothing left on Molly's upper body, leaving her whole body overwhelmed by icy coldness...


Get away from me! Get away!" Molly shouted in hysteria with tears welling down on her cheeks, and her scream echoed in the tin-sheet room.

She felt queasy when Tyler grabbed one of her breasts with his rough hand, and with despair and shock in her eyes, she watched him lowered his head at her again while her whole body still struggled in vain.

Right at that moment, just when Molly's heart was flooded with helplessness and despair, a figure suddenly appeared at the room's door, blocking the light from outside and radiating a strangely cold yet terrifying aura.

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