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   Chapter 51 It Was A Trap

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No matter how long the night, how bad the dream, a new day is always sure to come!

Molly slowly emerged from her sleep. She opened her eyes, looked around, and started to come fully awake.

She swallowed hard and tried to get up from the floor. "Ahh," she shouted and fell to the floor again. She had been sitting on the floor for so long that her legs had become numb and weak.

"Miss Xia, you're awake!" Lisa told Molly in a soft voice while smiling.

Molly looked at Lisa awkwardly with a light smile as she lay on the floor while rubbing her legs to reduce the numbness. Her eyes were all puffed up from crying overnight.

Lisa seemed to notice the sorrow and pain that Molly felt. She didn't ask Molly the reason why she slept below the stairs nor the reason why her eyes were swollen. Instead, she said in a low voice," Your breakfast is ready. You can clean yourself up and have your breakfast."

"Thank you!" answered Molly gratefully.

Lisa smiled at Molly and turned around to leave. Before taking a step, she remembered Brian's instruction. She turned back to Molly and saw her trying to get up from the floor, and said," Before Brian left, he asked me to tell you that you should not leave the house these days."

"Does he want to imprison me here?" Molly said carelessly. Seeing the surprised look on Lisa's face made her feel slightly embarrassed. The corner of her mouth twitched a little, then she said sheepishly," I mean… That's not what I meant."

Lisa was not the type of person who liked to meddle, so she just shook her head and said," That's what Brian asked me to tell you and I merely delivered the message to you."

After that, Lisa turned around and left without saying anything else. She knew her place in the house and having worked for Brian in such a long time, she had learned what she should or shouldn't do.

Yesterday, she told Brian on the phone that Miss Xia was cooking in the kitchen. To her surprise, Brian had come back just in time for dinner. It was odd because he had been gone for a few days and it seemed that he wouldn't be coming back that soon.

From how she'd known him, Brian had barely shown his feelings to anyone. It might have been because he was raised by his family that way or he

raight into Lisa's eyes with tears rolling down her swollen eyes. "Lisa, My mother is in the hospital..."

With a disapproving expression on her face, Lisa said to Molly," But how about Brian's order? He told me not to let you out." The situation was quite awkward yet difficult since Lisa had been nothing but nice to Molly. As much as Molly wouldn't want to put Lisa in such a situation, she couldn't just stay here while her mother was in the hospital.

"I'll be back very soon. I just want to check whether my mother is okay," Molly begged and looked at Lisa with pitiful eyes. Sensing Lisa's hesitation, she continued," Lisa, please let me out, please..."

The situation was even more difficult for Lisa. She looked at Molly's swollen eyes, and found that tears were already brimming in her eyes. In a moment of weakness, she told Molly," Okay, but please promise me that you'll come back as soon as possible!"

"Umm!" Molly said and nodded her head. Then she looked at Lisa gratefully before rushing out of the house.

Lisa gazed at Molly as she ran out of the front door, but unknown to her, Molly had fallen into someone's trap right after she had gone out of the villa. A man had been sitting for quite some time at a corner of the road to downtown, observing the villa. As soon as he saw Molly get in the taxi sent by him, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Tyler, she is in the taxi now!" The man said in satisfaction with an evil smile creeping up on his ferocious face.

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