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   Chapter 50 Please Take Me Away

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Molly stopped reacting to Brian's movements and uncontrollably, tears came out of her eyes and then dropped onto the desk. Even though her eyes were misty, she could see that photo of Becky smiling at her. Suddenly, a wry smile outlined on her face.

Some thoughts might have run through her mind the moment she saw the photo, but at this moment, what else could she probably think of?

All that was running through her mind was how misery had kept her company. Perhaps it would have been better if she hadn't been born in this world at all, if it meant that she would just live this miserable, wretched life. Even if she tried her best and worked very hard, it seemed that luck had always avoided her and that there was no escape from this tragic fate!

Her fate was cursed. She was not bound to enjoy life and have freedom. Her life had to be lived obeying other people's savage orders. Could it get any worse than this?

Cursing her life in her head, Molly let out a short scornful laugh. When Brian noticed Molly laughing, his eyebrows furrowed and his face looked annoyed. He had felt a bit of remorse just a while before, but when he saw how she was reacting, that remorse turned into fury. He buried his face in her neck and kissed her wildly. Rudely and uninhibitedly, he started to make love to her.

What he was doing to her had nothing to do with love or affection, nor was it a manifestation of his emotions. Surprisingly, he enjoyed great sexual pleasure with Molly. When he felt that his manhood was tightly wrapped, extreme excitement consumed him and he had an orgasm. He remembered that he had the same experience with Molly some time ago.

He was tipsy that night and mistook Molly for Becky. But at this moment, he was well aware that she wasn't Becky!

Suddenly Brian stopped his movements and paused for a moment. Then, without saying anything, he withdrew his manhood and some liquid discharge came out of Molly's private part. He indignantly gazed at Molly who looked pitiful and exhausted. He then said coldly," Don't ever try to negotiate with me!" After that, he pulled Molly up who was adjusting her clothes, and then shoved her harshly out of his study.

Molly fell down to the ground and was in great pain. She also felt exasperated, embarrassed and pitiful all at the same time. Brian slammed the door of the study room with a bang as soon as she was out. Molly poorly burst into tears


"Uhhh..." Another moan came out from Molly's lips. She stopped talking and started to sob uncontrollably.

Brian stopped in his tracks and his brows were knitted more tightly. With his eyes slightly narrowed, he turned around and fixed his eyes on Molly. At last, he walked up to her, squatted down beside her and was about to stretch his hand to shake and wake her up.

"Edgar, you said that you would take me away... Where are you..." These words came out of Molly's mouth between sobs.

Brian was stunned and stopped just when he was about to reach out to her. He had been in a mixed mood earlier, but now he felt annoyed by what he heard. He glared coldly at Molly who kept on uttering the name 'Edgar'. With his lips pursed, Brian looked very furious.

He stood up and snorted. Then he went upstairs, leaving Molly alone.

Apparently, it seemed that there were many things about her that he didn't know.

A phone call woke Tony up from his sleep. Seeing on the screen that Brian was the one calling him, he grew wide awake and answered the phone with great respect," Good evening, Mr. Long."

"Find out who is that man called Edgar!" Brian said indifferently, but Tony guessed that Brian was very angry behind that voice.

"Yes, Mr. Long!" replied Tony quickly.

Molly was still beneath below the stairs, suffering from her nightmare. However, unknown to her, the grief she was experiencing in her dream would actually turn into reality and torment her. Who knew that she would fall into despair some day? Unfortunately, her fate was cursed and she was bound to such misery in the future.

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