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   Chapter 49 The Crazy Punishment

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Tears overflowed Molly's eyes and poured down her cheeks. She struggled fiercely and groped the table with her hands. When she touched the ashtray, she grabbed it without any hesitation and directly hit Brian on the head.

But after years of training with XK Intelligence Agency, Brian couldn't be tackled like that. Even in such an agitated state, he felt her movements and, as she was about to hit his head, he raised a hand and grabbed her arm. He also stopped the imperious kiss he was forcing on her. Both their lips were bloody. No one knew whose lips had been broken.

The strength of his grip gradually increased with the fury going up in his eyes. It made Molly feel as if her bones were about to be crushed.

"Please, let go of me now..." Molly begged. With her face drowned in tears, and with gradually increasing pain in her wrists, she seemed immensely awkward. As the pain crossed her threshold, her face went pale, but she wasn't willing to surrender. Trying hard to distract herself, she gnawed violently on her lower lip, breaking it and filling h

out her childhood and she wouldn't forget it ever.

The look in Brian's eyes became deeper. He locked her hands over her head.

"Hmm..." She whimpered, struggling and trying to dodge, but failed. She knew that this time he wouldn't let her go and would definitely have his way with her.

Deepening his kisses on her, without any emotions, he went to her lips, her cheeks, then down her neck and her body.

The crazy punishment was still going on under Molly's distressed look. Suddenly, he stopped and raised his eyes to look at her. Their lips and the corners of their mouths had blood on them. Molly's face twisted in pain and, looking at it, a hint of some insensible guilt flashed through his eyes.

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