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   Chapter 48 Let Me Go

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After Brian had checked the frame to make sure everything was okay with it, he turned coldly towards Molly.

The frame had shocked her so much that she never noticed anyone coming in until he had snatched the frame from her.

"She... She..." Molly's voice trembled. "Is she... Is she your... Does she mean a lot to you?"

Instead of giving an answer, he put the frame back to where it had been and replied without any emotion,"You're not supposed to be here!"

"You... You want me to be your woman... Because of her?" She had no idea why she had asked this question. She had asked without thinking and was surprised by herself

At that moment, Brian's eyes seemed to be like a black hole where she would be sucked in and crushed!

"Who told you this?" he asked coldly.

In response, she merely shook her head. His answer was obvious from the way he had refused to give it.

Her eyes were soon moist. But she had been ordered not to cry in front of him.

Brian's face was a total blank. Sneering, he peacefully said,"No matter what I do to you, you'll just be a to

that you'd dare to go away?"

Molly was shocked by his bloodthirsty eyes and she reacted instantly,"No, I wouldn't! But... I have to leave!"

The reply didn't seem to satisfy him and he scornfully said,"You can go... but only with my permission!"

Then he put his mouth on Molly's lips.


Molly shook her head desperately. Her upper body was pressed on the table and she couldn't move at all. Under the panic, she kicked her legs in a hurry, but they were soon clamped by Brian's legs!

Brian kissed her lips forcefully and sucked her mouth crazily.

"No, no..."

She kept weeping and struggling. Suddenly her hand hit the large ashtray and, picking it up, she hit it directly on his head


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