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   Chapter 47 The Frame On The Desk

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Molly looked at the bowl held in her hand. Why did she feel so strange after hearing what Brian had said?

Eric turned to look at her with an evil smile. At the same time, Brian also glanced at her. Nothing could be read from his deep eyes.

Suddenly, he received a call, and Brian left the room without touching the noodles.

Molly ate her noodles very slowly. For quite a while, Eric didn't bother her. Then he started staring at her for a long time. She raised her head and angrily asked, "Haven't you ever seen anyone having dinner?"

"Brian is a charming man, isn't he?" he said.

Molly frowned at him.

"Little Molly, have you ever been to his study?" Eric changed the subject. He smiled as he saw Molly glaring at him and said, "Brian has had many girls but none of them have ever been brought home!"

"Eric, what the hell do you want to say?" She might not have been smart, but she wasn't stupid. She had always felt that Eric wasn't as sunny as he seemed.

Eric smiled and glimpsed at the bowl of noodles which Brian hadn't eaten. He spoke blandly, "Once... there was a girl. She also cooked this for Brian!"

His words took her

hink of something unrealistic mindlessly.

Molly stretched out her hand to the frame. However, she stopped before she touched it, becoming nervous and hesitant.

But she couldn't control her curiosity and finally picked it up. Her face turned pale as soon as she glanced at it.

She stared at the girl who was smiling like a sunflower in the picture. The girl's eyes were clear and her smile was pure. She seemed to have the effect of imparting hope where there was none.

However, her smile and her eyes stabbed her heart like a needle.

"Who let you in here?"

She heard a cold voice and the frame was snatched from her hand by a strong force before she could realize what was happening. The atmosphere in the room soon became cold and she could barely breathe.

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