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   Chapter 46 He Hates Coriander

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"No way! I am not cooking for you!" Molly said, defiantly staring at him.

"Really? Then I'm going to eat Brian's noodles!" Eric said teasingly.

"What? You..." Molly was stumped by his words, and her chest heaved as she breathed deeply, trying to control her anger. At first, she had thought well of Eric, especially since he was willing to help her. But since last time, when he had played the malicious trick of lending money to her, he had made a very bad impression on her. Even though he wasn't obligated to help her, he shouldn't have fooled her like that.

With his lips curled into an even more playful smile, he suddenly leaned forward and whispered in her ears," Remember, this is just a game. Don't put too much emotion in it! Or else, you would be the one who gets hurt in the end. Understand?"

Having Finished his words, he raised his eyebrows. A dash of seriousness streaked across his face for a moment, but was soon replaced back by his playful look. Standing up, he glanced at Brian, and left the kitchen.

Molly compressed her lips, watching him go away. Then, she looked back at Brian, and with Eric's words echoing in her mind, she hastily shifted her eyes and awkwardly said," Umm... The food will be done in a few moments. Until then, can you..."

"Okay!" He seemed to understand what she wanted to say before she could finish her words and, kissing her forehead gently, calmly consoled her," You're my woman. So, you won't have any chance to feel inferior to anyone."

Taking one more glance at her, he left the kitchen too.

Eric had already taken off his stained coat. Casually sitting down, he leaned on the sofa after turning on the disc player. The melodious strains of violin solo wound around the room, and he rested his legs on the low tea table.

A moment later, Brian also sat down b

t you know that Brian doesn't like coriander?"

"What?" Molly looked towards Brian and asked. "Really? You don't like coriander?"

He made no response. He just stared at Molly with complicated emotions deep in his eyes.

"I think it is tasty..." Molly pursed her lips and muttered, and then she added," I'll make another bowl for you."

She didn't wait for an answer. She simply turned around and went straight into the kitchen.

"These noodles are as delicious as Auntie Shirley's!" Eric praised. Playfully raising his eyebrows towards Brian, he asked meaningfully," Molly is kind of interesting, right? What a pity! She has such a bad father."

"She is only my toy for this month. Eric... don't pay too much attention to her!" Brian said indifferently and rested his eyes on the bowl of noodles with coriander in it.

Molly had already been standing at the doorstep of the kitchen, holding another bowl of noodles in her hands and, unbeknownst to them, heard their conversation. She clutched the bowl tightly. Not knowing why, she felt her heart ache. Brian was right in saying she was only his toy. It wouldn't have made any difference a few days ago. But now, she felt suffocated and heart-broken. Why?

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