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   Chapter 45 Gradually Attracted To Brian

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The days were going by slowly, but sometimes, Molly felt that time was flying.

With a hand pressed against the edge of the basin, she was kneading the dough with her other hand, and was lost in her thoughts.

She hadn't seen Brian for another three days. When she had first come here, she had hoped she would stay there for a month without having to see him.

However, making the snowman and then falling ill had made her slightly attracted to Brian. She had been thinking of him for the last few days. Sometimes she even sat on the sofa in a daze for a long while, with a book in her hands.

She had become highly curious about his matters, and the more she wanted to know about him, the more she thought of him.

These days, only John and his family members were taking care of the villa. John had told her not to go towards the back of the house and except for that, she was free to roam about.

While free to roam about inside, she had no idea whether she was allowed to leave the villa or not.

The thought of leaving seemed to bring a furrow on her brows and she stopped kneading.

Eric's gaze was glued on her secretly, and there was a mischievous gleam in his eyes. Finally, when he could no longer help it, he spoke,"Little Molly..."

She was startled to hear him and turned around to find him leaning against the kitchen door. His hands were folded across his chest and his legs were slightly crossed. "Why are you here?" she asked. After a little pause, she continued in an unhappy tone,"Don't call me that!"

He seemed amused and totally ignored her an

in her eyes and replied gently,"Lisa is helping John to look after the flowers in the greenhouse. I had nothing to do and didn't know when you would come back. So I wanted to prepare a meal for you."

Her heart sank as she remembered what he had said the day they had made the snowman. He had told her that he would be having meals with her. However, after she had recovered from her fever, she hadn't seen him, let alone have a meal.

She sneered at herself and managed to break away from his grip. Pretending to be calm, she said with a smile,"I don't know what you like, and I thought you wouldn't be coming back, so..." She paused and added,"I am preparing noodles with tomato egg sauce. Would you like to have a taste?"

He slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at her. He was slightly surprised at the food she was going to cook. But he calmed down quickly.

Without any expression, he told her,"Of course, I would like a taste!" Eric chuckled and threw a sideways glance at Brian. "I think I will stay for dinner," he announced playfully.

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