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   Chapter 44 Inexplicable Sympathy...

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"You.....what are you doing!" Molly shouted in outrage at Brian as she closed her lips tightly. Whatever was happening was beyond her expectations and she had no spontaneous idea about how to react.

"Molly, is this the way to behave with me? Do you know how much I've taken care of you these two days? This is not the right behavior for the lamb I require." Clearly, he wasn't angry with her reaction at all. Instead, his tone indicated dalliance and happiness.

He was looking at her deeply, as if he wanted to discover why she was so interesting and attractive. Molly was also looking at him, and discovered that there was a slight smile on his attractive face in spite of the coldness he pretended to have.

She looked at him, surveying him up and down, trying to figure out what he was thinking. But no matter how hard she tried, the mystery was incomprehensible to her. Controlling her temper, she asked directly, "Are you mental or something? Do you have some disease or disorder like split personality?"

The question arose because the man had showed a highly volatile nature in just a few days. Sometimes he would be violent and cruel, and sometimes gentle and tender. It was like... you could never truly comprehend this man or understand his character. The mystery was, sometimes he acted like a desert whose boundaries could not be seen, and sometimes, like a vast ocean with all those underwater secrets and undercurrents one could not observe.

"What do you think?" The question itself brought another one on her.

To Brian, making fun of Molly was an interesting pastime, and gave him a lot of pleasure. He had been a bit upset and angry just now due to some other matters. But Molly's question had made him laugh under the table and he felt much better. The annoying matters from a few minutes ago now felt like a piece of cake.

Molly looked at him cautiously, thinking twice,

ly beyond his imagination. He had no idea why he sympathized with her. Was it because her heartfelt communication had made him feel sorry for her?

The thought of such an emotion made him angry and his face slowly started regaining its coldness and indifference. Suddenly, he shoved Molly so fast she could not react to his sudden change. Then standing up hurriedly, he left the room.

While leaving, he slammed the door hard. Molly looked at it in confusion. She had no idea what had happened to him and mumbled to herself, "That guy sure has a mental disease. Ten to one it is schizophrenia!"

As Brian went downstairs, he saw Tony coming from outside, who wanted to greet him. Tony saw that Brian was enraged and upset and he had no idea why.

Before he could speak, Brain indifferently warned him, putting a hand in his jeans pocket, "Don't follow me!"

He went to the parking area, and started the engine in his car. Shifting the gear quickly into drive, he drove away rapidly.

As his car was about to leave, a man's face showed up from the back of the tree, which was so thick that it would have taken three people to completely give it a hug. The man had witnessed what had happened outside the villa, and it had given him a gloomy smile and satisfaction.

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