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   Chapter 43 My Heart Flipped

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A ray of sunshine looking like a stream of gold poured in through the window and sprinkled on the ground. Molly Xia just woke up and slowly, she opened her eyes. Her eyes looked glassy perhaps because she had been sick for a couple of days. She let out a small wheeze and then frowned firmly. When she gently winked her eyes, a familiar figure appeared in her eyes.

A man was sitting on the sofa, his eyes staring keenly at the laptop computer on his legs and his slender fingers making quick typing movements on the keyboard. Molly slightly turned around and looked at him with her bleary eyes. With furrowed eyebrows and sealed thin lips, his attractive face looked cold and serious.

Gazing at Brian quietly, Molly felt that her heartbeat suddenly raced up. His handsome face somehow became so attractive in her eyes all of a sudden.

Right at that moment, Brian stopped typing and suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Molly with his sharp eyes.

Rattled by Brian's unexpected piercing gaze, Molly got so frightened that she closed her eyes instantly and pretended that she was still asleep. After a while, Molly realized how silly she was and opened her eyes slowly. Brian had seen her staring at him just now, so he must have known that she had woken up already. She certainly must have looked very stupid. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and was surprised to see that Brian was gazing at her with a cold smile.

"Morning…" said Molly Xia. Her voice had become hoarse because of the fever that it sounded so horrible. Even Molly herself was terrified when she heard her own voice, so she swallowed some slobber to moisten her dry throat.

"You have slept for two d

in a deep voice. His eyebrows frowned a little when he saw that Molly was still in a daze.

Absentmindedly, Molly opened her mouth and swallowed the spoon of porridge that Brian had been feeding her. A spoon after another, Molly was able to finish all the porridge in the bowl.

After that, Brian handed the empty bowl to Lucy who was still dumbfounded by what she had seen. She just stared at the two in a trance, and did not notice the bowl from Brian's hand. Brian waited for quite a while, then frowned, and turned around glaring at Lucy coldly.

Lucy got to her senses, took the bowl nervously, and immediately left the room. Before closing the door, she gave Molly a vicious glance.

As soon as Lucy closed the door behind her, Brian suddenly leaned closer to Molly and licked the corner of her mouth. Molly was shocked and her eyes popped while Brian on the other hand, seemed to enjoy the look on her face and smiled at her sweetly.She then realized that Brian had just licked off a grain of rice from her face. Her face flushed red, and her heart was beating fast like freight trains racing in her chest.

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