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   Chapter 42 Who Was The Right Woman For Him

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"Do you know anyone named Edgar?"


Harrow was surprised by Brian's strange question. Slightly furrowing his eyebrows, Harrow stared at Brian and said,"Well... I haven't heard of the name."

None of his friends was called by that name, so he felt quite confused why Brian had asked that question. 'Who is Edgar?' Harrow thought to himself.

Brian frowned and took a glance at Becky's smiling face. When he looked at Becky's photo just now, Molly's face suddenly flashed through his mind. He wondered why he had thought of Molly all of a sudden, and how he could have mistaken Molly for Becky.

At the thought of this, Brian got confused, but he quickly managed to look calm and composed. He then said flatly,"Aaron is going to take action on QY Island and members of the Chancellor Group will certainly look for him. This time, I have sold Aaron the latest news, so he owes me a favour."

Harrow pursed his mouth and shrugged, not caring about this matter. Then he asked,"Will you take any action in A City this time?"

"I have to deal with something at Emp. And it is not the right time for me to do other things in A City." After uttering these words, Brian immediately continued,"Wing has invited Spark to her upcoming concert. You and Spark haven't seen each other for a long time, right?"

Harrow was so surprised to hear Brian's words. He looked at Brian with excitement glimmering in his eyes. However, in just a minute, his excitement turned into a forced smile and he sulkily said,"I won't see him. He will be unhappy to see me!"

"What's wrong?" Brian asked. Meanwhile, Harrow took out a cigarette and lit it up. Brian continued asking in a serious tone,"Do you want to maintain such a bad relationship with him permanently?"

"If he understands me, then I don't have to explain anything to him. But since he doesn't understand me, I can't do anything about it." There was a touch of sadness gleaming in Harrow's eyes. Although he pretended to be nonchalant about it, the expression in his eyes showed otherwise. He was actually depressed about it.

Harrow puffed on his cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke. Brian lightly narrowed his eyes and looked towards Harrow through the smoke. Without saying anything else to persuade hi


After Cindy Han had heard her, she rolled her eyes and thought that Becky was so silly. Then she said,"You deserve it! Tell me! Why did you insist on leaving him? If a handsome, fine man treated me half as well as Brian treated you, I would do everything to be with him!"

Without saying a word to Cindy's lecture, Becky just forced a smile. She looked at the milk in the little milk pail and tears suddenly blurred her eyes.

Some time ago, on one rainy morning, it had finally dawned on her that Brian was more important to her than Eric. She got so excited and was about to look for Brian to tell him how much he meant to her when suddenly the world turned pitch black and she was unable to see anything at that moment.

"Miss Yan, you have a bacterial infection in your retinas..."

Becky still remembered the diagnosis that she learned from the doctor that day. But she was so shocked that her mind went in a daze and she was not able to focus on the details as explained by the doctor. She was only able to capture what the doctor said at the end,"At present, according to the current medical technology, there is no effective treatment for such an illness yet. The only way to cure the condition is to find the suitable corneas for a transplant operation and undergo the retina repair surgery. However, the proven success rate is only at fifty percent."

Becky tightly closed her lips while she thought about that day. Tears helplessly came running out of her eyes into the pail of milk.

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