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   Chapter 41 Who Was The Man

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"Edgar... I want water..."

Molly uttered and managed to open her eyes a little bit. Through the narrow gaps between her eyelids, she indistinctly saw a hand with long and slim fingers holding a glass of water. Molly's eyes glimmered with thirst as she stared at the glass. But weakness had overpowered her due to sickness and body pains, so she wasn't able to make any movement, but just faintly looked at the glass. Hazily, she noticed that the hand which seemed to hold the glass grasped it so tightly that the bones of its knuckles had become clearly visible.

Brian calmly looked at the woman in his arms, devoid of any emotions on his face. However, deep inside his eyes, fury was beginning to grow.

"Water..." Molly gathered up all of her strength to raise her voice. She was very thirsty and uncomfortable and at the same time, she felt like her body was burning.

But Brian didn't budge, he stayed still. After a while, a cold grin slowly formed on his lips while his face retained that poker expression. Molly feebly raised her hand, which was injected with the intravenous drip, to grab the glass of water herself. But Brian quickly passed the glass to his other hand which was holding Molly's shoulder, and then took hold of her hand.

"" Molly moaned in anger. Her voice cracked. Feeling extremely dizzy in her weakened state, she wasn't afraid or scared of anything. All she could think about was the water to quench her thirst so she seemingly acted childish like a girl.

Frustrated, Molly's face got bright red because of anger, just like a kid who was deprived of a candy. Her childish look did not escape Brian's deep eyes. His eyes sparkled with a hint of delight as he thought that her look was kind of cute.

Brian couldn't help but smile, yet he still didn't give Molly the glass of water. With all her energy exhausted, Molly fell sound asleep again...

Brian placed Molly carefull

ed calmly. He sat opposite to Harrow and asked," How's everything going in America?"

"Like you've expected, everyone there stomped their feet in great fury!" Harrow replied. He burst out in laughter and continued," But what a pity, we didn't make them go bankrupt and be liquidated."

A mocking smile crept across Harrow's stern face by each word he said. He raised his head at an angle and casually glanced at Brian as he wanted to say something more. But then, he was surprised to find that Brian wasn't paying any attention to what he was saying but instead, Brian's eyes were fixated elsewhere.

He followed the direction of Brian's gaze which rested on a photo on Brian's desk. Everyone who had worked closely with Brian knew that he always had Becky Yan's photo in each of his offices and studies wherever they might be.

But this was the first time that Harrow had seen Brian shift his attention away when he was talking about work with anyone.With that on his mind, Harrow moved his eyes to look at Tony, who was standing beside Brian quietly, only to find that Tony was also furrowing his brows. Tony's reaction made Harrow more curious. While Harrow was indulging himself in his thoughts, he suddenly heard Brian's low and deep voice," Do you know anyone named Edgar


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