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   Chapter 40 He Got Worried Sick

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"But... What about Brian Long?" Tyler asked the man with a mask. With a shade of curiosity shining in his eyes, he looked up slightly to see his mysterious face.

The man didn't reply to his question and instead, stared at the ruins covered in snow and kept silent. After a short while, when Tyler was about to ask another question, the man finally spoke in a low voice,"I don't want to get into trouble with him for now."

Tyler furrowed his thick and black eyebrows, and with a confused look on his face, replied,"But, Mr. Shen, he has treated David worse than an animal!If we only take our revenge on that woman, I'm afraid that the men under my charge will be unsatisfied..."

Before he was able to finish his words, Mr. Shen suddenly turned around to face him, with a sullen fury burning in his eyes. He then said coldly,"Unsatisfied? If anyone dares to say that, throw him out!"

Tyler shivered as soon as he heard this, then lowered his head and replied,"Okay, I understand."

Mr. Shen added,"When you deal with that woman, be careful not to leave any trace. Remember, I don't want to get into a fight with Brian Long yet."

"Yes, I got it!" Tyler replied respectfully and then went on to ask,"And what should I say to Mr. Zhang with the police station..."

"Figure out a way to stall him." Mr. Shen calmed down as he explained,"The new mayor of A City isn't an ordinary person, and I won't be manipulated by him!"

Tyler replied by nodding his head. Seeing that Mr. Shen didn't give further instructions, he then asked to leave. As he walked on his way, he turned back to glance at the ruins and wondered, 'Why does Mr. Shen usually stare at these ruins with regretful eyes? What did these use to be in the past

ce. Her fluttering eyelids swept across his heart, reminding him of familiar memories. Becky used to play in the snow once and made a snowman too just like what Molly did, and the next day, she also had a fever…

"Water... I... need... water... I'm… thirsty..."

Fragmentary murmurs came out from Molly's dry lips. They were so light that they seemed inaudible. However, Brian, who had focused his gaze on her, understood what she meant immediately. He quickly took the glass of water which Lisa had prepared on the desk, and then softly held up Molly's body with his other hand. Afterwards, he put the glass under her lips, and helped her to drink.

Feeling the water on her lips, Molly opened her mouth and started to drink greedily. But the person who was holding the glass for her didn't let her gulp as she wished, and instead controlled the slow drip of water into her mouth.

Molly unconsciously pressed her lips closer to the glass because of thirst, but the glass was pulled further from her at the same time. Because of that, Molly got sullen all of a sudden, and then murmured angrily in a hoarse voice,"Give me the water, Edgar!


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