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   Chapter 39 The Punishment

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As Brian rested a hand on her body, Molly let out a mumble and struggled in fear. Suddenly, she pushed him away with all her strength.

She was panting hard and her face was a bright shade of red. She gazed in fury and humiliation at Brian, but his sharp eyes made her even more scared, and she tried to explain," I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you away. I just... I am not used to this!"

"You're not used to this?" He repeated in a calm, but dark and powerful voice. Molly's efforts to cover her fear made him go mad in anger and roar," Fine! I'll make you get used to this!"

Suddenly, without warning, he held her nightgown and, before she could react, she heard the frightening sound of her nightgown being torn up.

"Arrghh!" She screamed and hastily tried to cover herself. She was wheezing due to shortness of breath and tears were starting to flood her eyes.

Everything she did to refuse his advances made Brian even angrier. Earlier, so many women had tried every means to slip into his bed.

However, this woman... Molly Xia... she had dared to refuse his orders and even uttered someone else's name in his own house! Even if she was only his toy, he still couldn't allow such a behavior.

His eyes narrowed, the cold aura emanating from his body spread in the room. He grinned coldly and glanced coldly at Molly, as if piercing her bone.

Looking like a demon from hell, the sharp look in his eyes frightened Molly, and she couldn't move an inch. She just gripped her clothes and her hands started to tremble under his intense gaze.

Keeping his cold and sharp eyes on Molly, with closed lips, Brian smiled a faint, cold, evil, and e

d passive, like her room. The only sound was her muffled sniffs echoing around inside. Even outside, the snow had stopped and a cold wind was sweeping through the trees, taking the snowflakes with them, which swirled and floated around.

On that freezing cold night, when most of the city was fast asleep in warm beds and quilts, a man was standing on the roadside, looking at the snow-covered rubble of a building far-away.

Another person walked behind him on the snowy road, breaking the passiveness of the night. The man didn't react until the person had come close, and then looked towards him. Under the dim light, there was a silver mask seen on his face.

Bowing, the person reported to the man," Brian was angry with David Zhao because of a woman."

The man's lips curled into a cold smile and he calmly replied," Do whatever you want to that woman. Think of it as a consolation to David."

His voice was peaceful and gentle, like the wind blowing off snow from the branches. It seemed for him, people's lives mattered as much as an ant!

"Then... what about Brian Long?" the person asked.

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