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   Chapter 37 Right Vs. Wrong

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"Knock, knock!" There was someone at the door.

The man inside the room withdrew his gaze away from the scene in the distance and slowly turned as he gave a simple reply,"Come in!"

His face did not appear handsome but his personality was aspiring and gentle, which made him look attractive. About twenty six years old, he wore a pair of rimless glasses, and looked very elegant even with an air of solemnity about him.

The door opened and a young man entered the room clad in a down coat. Holding a lollipop in his mouth, he took off his coat and then reported to the man inside, who happened to be the mayor of A City,"Mr. Mayor, we've confirmed that David is in the hospital!"

Edgar Gu smiled upon hearing the news. Walking up to the table where a tea set was placed, he poured himself and Bill Li a cup of tea respectively. Then he replied flatly,"David has been responsible for a lot of crimes in the city going back several years. He is so brutal that people from inside the government as well as criminal gangs let everything about him slide. Now who would dare to harm such a man ?"

Glancing at the tea Edgar had poured for him, Bill pursed his lips in disgust, but took it from his hands and sipped anyway. Its bitter taste made him frown. "Tea doesn't taste as good as coke," he mumbled. Then he said clearly,"David has acted absurdly and run amuck in the city. But his gang members are powerful, tactful and sophisticated. The government and other gangs can benefit from them so they aren't willing to offend them."

He paused for a moment and continued,"I think whoever harmed him is extremely daring. Hey hey..."

"Humph!" Edgar snorted. Staring at Bill, he said,"Everyone in A city is afraid of the man who harmed David. He is powerful and overbearing. Do you know who he is?"

Bill Li was silent for a while. Suddenly his eyes lit up. With the lollipop i

her remembering these things was strange; she had been so distracted at that time, but now every single movement of him vividly ran through her mind.

What kind of a man was he?

He was totally merciless for taking people's lives like nothing. Even though they lived in a modern, law-ruled society, he had once said,"The law is in my hands! What I say is the law and what I do is legal!" Molly wondered how he could be so powerful and so arrogant.

But at the same time, he had acted like an annoyed child while talking with someone over the phone, and he had even told her gently that night,"You are my woman, so I should treat you well."

Slowly, her eyelids began to droop as she kept thinking about him. Why had such a mysterious man come into her life?

Finally, she fell asleep with steady breaths, and began dreaming about the military compound where she hadlived just after coming to A City with her mother. Her parents had fallen in love after meeting each other there. There was an excellent and impressive person there whom all the children admired.


She gently murmured his name. Right then, Brian opened the door and heard clearly what she had just said. He stood still, holding the doorknob and narrowing his eyes.

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