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   Chapter 36 Lost In His Tenderness

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Snowflakes were drifting down silently. Molly's eyes widened when Brian's handsome face came so close that she could see his thick and long eyelashes, and smell the scent he wore.She was bewildered.

Brian kissed her gently, tasting the sweetness of her lips. Unlike most women, she didn't wear any fragrance but the faint smell of the body wash she used was particularly sensual and appealing on a cold night such as this one.

The gentle and affectionate ways in which he had touched her had left Molly in a daze. Now feeling short of breath, she came to her senses and pushed Brian away with all her strength.

Unsatisfied, he frowned. This evidently wasn't enough for him.

Frightened by his discontent, she hurriedly tried to explain,"Some... somebody is out there!"

Amused by her reaction, Brian teased her,"Who'd dare to do that?"

"What?" Molly turned to where Tony had been a moment before, only to find she and Brian in the big yard. They were completely alone.

Molly bit her lips, and felt the slight tinge of mint he had left on her lips. She was confused. Considering how ruthless he had been, she should have been afraid of him, but for some reason, she didn't hate him touching her like that.Was it du

st in her thoughts?


On the top floor of the Golden Bay Club, A City, A man with beautiful flaxen hair was gazing out the window. He was dressed in white casuals and his hands were in his pockets as he stood beside the French window. He appeared quiet but there was an indifferent aggression about him that could be felt in more ways than one.

Standing atop the skyscraper, he could see the entire city, lit beautifully at night. The flickering neon lights of the city's casinos brought a cold smile on his lips.

After a while, his gaze stopped at one of the signs and he murmured,"Let's start with you..."

There was something pleasant and graceful about his voice, but it too carried the same cold and unemotional tone his smile did. The target he had just picked turned out to be Grand Night Casino.

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