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   Chapter 35 His Heart Was Stirred

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"What? Did you mean that you don't want me to keep you company?"

Brian's ghostly voice whispered in Molly's ears. Her heart trembled. She scolded herself in her mind that she had forgotten to obey him, so she immediately corrected her words and explained,"I didn't mean that. I don't like having meals alone, so if you can keep me company, of course that would be great... But... I was just afraid of disturbing your work."

Brian couldn't help but grin devilishly after hearing her explanation. He asked,"Really?"

"Yes, yes! Of course!" Molly nodded her head heavily in order for him to believe her. But then she realized that she had reacted too fast and too dramatic that it sounded like a lie. Molly grinned with embarrassment and looked at Brian with her pure eyes. She awkwardly added some more words to explain,"Lisa said that you were always so busy that sometimes you barely have time to eat anything. If we can have meals together, you might be able to have your meals on time, too."

Molly's face flushed red after finishing her words. Her face had already reddened because of the cold wind. Now, it went even redder because of embarrassment. She bit her lower lip and lowered her eyelids. Uneasily moving her red and freezing hands, Molly was scolding herself in her mind for saying those words to Brian.

Looking at how awkward Molly felt while speaking to him, Brian's eyes glimmered with pleasure. Although he knew that she had said these words out of fear, Brian still felt much happier.

Brian lowered his eyes and noticed that Molly's hands had already turned red because of playing with the snow. A hint of anger flashed across his face as he scolded her,"Are you a fool? Why didn't you wear gloves when you made the snowman?"

Though he looked angry while he spoke, Brian gently reached out to Molly, and then wrapped her cold h

t moment, Tony walked up to them and said,"Mr. Long! Here you are!"

Brian took the things from Tony's hands which were two black things that looked like a pair of eyes, and a carrot with one end cut sharp. Then, he pressed the two black round things on the snowman's face, and then stuck the carrot into it as a nose. While he carefully adjusted the angle of the carrot with his long and slim fingers, he said slowly,"Your smile just now was very beautiful. Smile more from now on."

Still in a daze, Molly was totally engrossed on Brian's fingers on the snowman and was deaf to his words. In her mind, she pictured the scene that they were making a snowman together.

She wondered what an interesting scene it would be to see a cold and ruthless man rolling a snowball, patting the snow, and then...

Molly couldn't help but start to grin at the thought. Following her imagination of the scene, a bigger and bigger smile drew across her face until her eyes were laughing to a line.

Right at that moment, Brian stood up and saw the smile on her face. When he looked deeply into her pure and smiling eyes, his heart was suddenly stirred. Right then, unconsciously, he pulled Molly into his arms and kissed her cold and red lips.

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