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   Chapter 34 Don't You Like Me To Keep You Company

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In A City, standing in front of the French window of the villa, Molly stared silently at the snowflakes flying in the air. The window was slightly covered with frost and it was getting dark outside, so Molly couldn't see everything clearly. Everything was covered in white. It had been days since the snow had kept on falling and the ground was already blanketed in thick snow!

"Miss Xia, dinner is ready!" Lisa's voice interrupted Molly's serene thoughts. She kindly looked at Molly's frail figure with a sigh.

Molly drew her gaze away, turned around and politely nodded at Lisa with a smile. Seeing so many dishes on the table, Molly frowned and said," Lisa, I can't eat so much..."

"Mr. Long said that you were too thin and frail, and he told me to prepare more nutritious food for you," Lisa politely replied with a smile on her face.

Without saying anything else, Molly just flashed Lisa a smile and watched her turn around and leave. After that, she fixed her eyes on the table with her mouth slightly puckered.

Three days had passed since she came back from the hospital. She hadn't seen Brian since then. He was always out of the house and seemed very busy these past few days. He went out early every day and then came back late at night when she was asleep. They lived in the same house, but she didn't have any chance to see him.

Molly had to stay in the villa every day, like a sparrow locked up in a cage. Although Brian hadn't told her whether she had her freedom or not, she didn't dare to make a bet and suffer. She was afraid of this ruthless man!

Looking at the food on the table, Molly sat silently and pondered.

She never had the desire to live such a luxurious life. She had to work really hard before, yet it had been a busy and fulfilling life. Now, she felt as though she was just wasting away her days in this villa, not doing anything.

If not for the fact that it was temporary and the hope that she could finally leave after a month, Molly might have ended up a mad woman.


er breath intensified as Brian treated her like that. Holding back the impulse to keep away from him, she replied in a low voice," I wasn't so hungry..."

"Was it because you were eating alone? Hmm?" Brian asked gently with his voice pure of affection.

Upon hearing such a pleasant and gentle voice, Molly looked up at Brian. He wore a well-fitting business suit, looking very handsome and dashing. He was really a lucky man looking so attractive and irresistable with such an ice voice.

"I am not used to eating alone..." Molly said honestly what was on her mind while looking Brian in the eyes.

Brian slid his fingers lightly across Molly's face and felt that it was cold. He then imperceptibly furrowed his eyebrows and said flatly," Hmm.. I will have meals with you from now on!"

Perhaps because Brian's words were so surprising, or perhaps because Molly suddenly realized that this man in front of her was actually not as nice as he was at that moment, Molly asked in a rather loud voice," Huhh?" After that, she immediately added," No, thanks. Don't worry about me. If you're busy, you should go ahead and do your things. Don't delay your work because of me."

After Molly had finished her words, Brian squinted and then cast a slow, significant glance at her. He said," What's wrong? Don't you like me to keep you company?


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