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   Chapter 33 Be A Lamb, Molly

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"You've brought me here to see him. Why? What did you want to prove?"

Brian walked straight towards her and locked his brooding eyes with her. After a short pause, he replied in a tender and persistent tone, "You are my girl. And no one can hurt you except for me!"

His sentence made Molly even more scared instead of making her feel flattered. Trembling, she inquired, "Why? Why did you want to do this? Was it just because I entered your room by accident?"

"Yes, that is the reason!" The reply came without hesitation or without a shard of care. "Never be so careless again. Do you understand?"

"I told you I entered your room by accident. At that moment, I had no idea how to escape..." And I found out your room was unlocked... So..."

"So what?" Brian asked in surprise. When he looked towards Molly, she had almost lost her mind and was on the verge of crying out. He sighed and continued, "I don't want to know your excuse, nor do I care about it. The only thing you need to know is that you, Molly, are my girl! You aren't allowed to refuse that. Ever!"

He said those words softly but the indifference in his voice was evident. He rose one of his rough hands slowly and touched her cheek gently. "Just be a lamb around me, and I will treat you with love and tenderness."

Stunned by his attitude, Molly gazed at Brian. She had been pushed to the very edge of the abyss that he had created and desperately wanted to escape. But she felt like all her strength had ran out and all she could do was let the cold aura envelope her, driving her out of breath..

"I really abhor anyone who does not follow my orders, you know? David was just a warning! Be a lamb Molly!" He

inherited his concealed atrocity from his father.

All of a sudden, he changed the topic and became gentle. He looked at his mother and asked seriously, "Mom... Are you happy?"

"What are you talking about?" Smart was doubtful with his seriousness. Then she smiled and nodded, "Your father is a very good husband and treats me well."

"Treats you well...." Eric repeated her words in a whisper. Something from the past came up in his mind suddenly and he wanted to turn up his nose and laugh. But he hid his emotions and believing in his mother, said with a smile, "I will pursue my love and always be happy just like you, Mom!"

Smart smiled with an unconditional love, and said:"If you take your relationship with Becky seriously, you will be really happy!"

Although there were other meanings implied in her words, Eric didn't want to think about them. He had always wondered that if his uncle hadn't left Dragon Island, who would be the next leader of the island? He or Brian?

His father would give up his power. But, he would not! Not ever!

What his brother wanted, he wanted it too. No matter what the cost was!

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