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   Chapter 32 Mind Reading

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Aware of Brian's reaction when it came to Becky, Wing changed the topic and chatted on with Brian for a few more minutes before hanging up.

As the call ended, Brian put the phone back in his pocket and turned slightly towards Molly. She was staring blankly at him, with furrowed brows, and lips moving slightly. She seemed to have been immersed in her own thoughts.

Somehow, her expressions made Brian displeased and his eyes became deeper and sharper.

The tension in the air filled the entire car, and Molly suddenly came back to her senses as the atmosphere became heavier still. Right about that time, she met Brian's deep eyes, and her heart trembled in fear. This was so awkward!

"What...what's up?" she enquired cautiously. In her mind, she had witnessed something unreal. That a man with an aura as cold as Brian could possibly treat someone gently? Was it real?

However, he ignored Molly's question and moved his eyes back on the stock market indices with his eyes devoid of any emotion.

Hearing no response from the man sitting beside her, Molly sat upright again, but sneakily scanned and observed him from time to time. It was often said that women were highly volatile. But right now, Molly felt this man was changing his face even faster than a regular woman.

She was sure that Brian either had schizophrenia or a split personality!

The thought seemed to amuse her and she couldn't help but grin.

However, her heart froze the next second when she received a sharp stare from Brian.


ries from the night before came back to her and her eyes began to fill with terror.

"Do you know what the most painful thing in the world is?" Brian was coldly perusing the man on the bed as he asked Molly, in a voice so indifferent it felt as if he was talking about a puppet rather than a human being.

Molly kept her eyes on the man inside the ward, without uttering a word. After a while, she turned towards Brian, compressing her lips tightly.Right now, she was afraid of even an answer from him.

He grinned slightly and shifted his gaze towards her. Then he replied," The most painful thing in the world is... when you want to die and end it all, you just can't do it!"

Her legs felt like jelly and she stepped backwards until she hit the wall to support herself.

Trying to control the rising fear in her heart, Molly started gasping for air. She was staring at Brian's handsome but satanic face. "So... Why did you bring me here? Why did you want me to see him? What did you mean by that?


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