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   Chapter 31 Did He Suffer From Schizophrenia

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"Who am I?" Brian stopped and frowned. There was confusion in his eyes as he slowly stroked Molly's face with his slender fingers. Finally, he pinched her chin and drew her face close to his own.

This much close, Molly felt he was even more overbearing and forceful and realized her statement could confuse and displease him, so she explained,"I... I didn't mean... I meant.."

"What did you mean? Hmm?" Brian interrupted her restless sentences. Calmly, he sneered at her,"Remember, my name is Brian Long, which is also the name of the man who owns you!"

Though he sounded calm, his dominating character could be felt as he held her chin to draw her closer. He kissed her slightly open mouth rudely, thrusting his tongue inside brutally. From the way it moved inside, one could tell he was displeased.

"Umm!" Molly moaned from lack of breath. Brian was peremptory in his kissing and she suddenly clenched her fists, trying to hold back her desire to escape.

There was no sign of affection in the way he kissed. It was just a way to show how strong and possessive he was. Instead of looking pleased, he looked sullen from the kiss and sucked her lips very hard, feeling her nervousness. His eyes were narrowed merely to hide the malicious and displeased expression within.

Molly's heavy breathing could be heard throughout the spacious living room. Her groan was pitiful and her lips were numb. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe.

Brian released her from his grip just as she almost was suffocated. He was enjoying Molly's gasps for air and her slightly swollen lips. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Noticing his mischievous look, she glared at him in fury and spoke,"You won't allow me to go to work. Now will you restrict my freedom too?" She was gnashing her teeth in rage.

"Come with me after breakfast. I want you to mee

Don't try to comfort me!" Brian snapped before she could complete her sentence. His eyes were fixed on the stock market charts on the laptop screen. "I won't look for her this time. If she gave up on me like that, I don't have to get her back!"

Wing's mouth twitched but she didn't say anything. This was Brian's private affair and she knew better than to meddle into that.

Molly was glancing sideways at Brian and his expressions, which were changing continuously since the moment he had picked up the phone. Beginning with surprise, his face had now become stunned. She wanted to ask who he was once again. He didn't look as formidable as he had in the Exotic Bar, nor did he look as cruel as yesterday. In fact, his expressions were like those of a child who hadn't gotten the candies he desired. There was dissatisfaction in his voice, yes. But his tone showed that he cared deeply for whoever was on the other end of the phone.

Molly slightly furrowed her eyebrows and wondered if he suffered from schizophrenia. She was really confused and couldn't understand why his behaviour was so different than ever before. Schizophrenia... Or could it be that the person on the other end of the phone had a special place in his heart?

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