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   Chapter 29 Tender Was The Night, So Was Satan

Love Crisis By FIONA MUNOZ Characters: 5597

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"You're going to pay for this someday!" A hoarse, infuriated voice left her throat and she gnashed her teeth. Were it not for her instincts, she would have fallen down as the hand that was stopping her falling was already frozen.

"Well... I'm looking forward to that day." With a quick, easy movement, Brian drew Molly closer and before she could react, violently thrust his lips against hers.


Was all she could muster as she resisted his move by locking her teeth together and pushed him on the chest. But however hard she tried, she felt that her strength was simply negligible as compared to Brian's

Who, ignoring her efforts, simply drew her even closer and started biting, sucking, and tasting her cold lips until finally, they both felt blood!

Molly was desperately trying to run away from this bloody confrontation, but she couldn't. She made another effort to push Brian away, and this time, he let her go.

A pale face, and her lips painted scarlet by her blood, made Brian smile.

It was humiliating. Molly couldn't bear it anymore and without a second thought, one of her hands went straight for Brian.


She cried out in pain as she fell down. Her dignity and pride were crushed.

Before she had reached Brian's cheeks, he had deftly blocked the blow with one hand and the resulting reaction had thrown her onto the ground.

"Never. Try. That. Again. Understand?" Brian uttered every word in a steely cold voice, as chilling as the wind outside.

The efforts she made to look strong, even though she wasn't, were remarkable. Instead of picking herself up, she simply turned towards him and somberly responded, "I don't... I just don't.... But do I have a choice?" she stammered helplessly.

Brian smiled. "Good girl."

There was a smile on her face too; a far more bitter and ironic one. Gradually it got brighter. Maybe she had suffered so much pain and misery that she could no longer cry and a smile seemed like her last resort.

The night was getting old and the cold current made the entire world look bleak and desolate.

Molly lay on the bed; sleepy, dizzy, and murmuring unconsciously. She was sniffing slightly and her body, which was quivering from time to time, was huddled up like a baby.

The air-conditioning seemed unsuccessful in warming her up anymore, as if her panic and fear had left her with everlasting coldness.

Sitting by her bedside, Brian was gently feeling the hair that fell around her forehead and, surprisingly, his indifferent face was slowly melting into a concerned one.

He was reminded of the moment when she had passed out with her intense emotions. How adorably poor she had seemed then! Slowly, a hint of tenderness and warmth took over his cold look as he smiled slightly.

Somehow, her panicked face amused him. Even in her frightened state, she managed to glare at him with those clear, beautiful eyes like a little girl who was too proud to admit she had just lost a fight.

Moving along her icy cheeks, his fingers stopped at her rosy lips where they caressed them as they shivered, as if comforting a baby. Molly seemed to have gotten through her nightmare into a sound sleep.

Brian kissed her forehead softly and whispered, "Hope we will have a lovely month together!

His tender eyes now carried excitement and shrewdness, much like the eyes of an eagle that had a prey in its sight.


In the Long Family Mansion on Dragon Island, Eric was relaxing on the couch in his room, his legs crossed comfortably. Holding a glass of wine in one hand, he gazed into the darkness outside the window. It was drizzling, and the raindrops looked like numerous glass beads as they threw dancing rays refracted from the streetlight.

A light ringing sound interrupted his moment of solitude. He picked up the phone.

"Young Master, we have located Miss Yan!" Lenny reported in her cold, sexy voice. "Should we share the information with Brian?"

"I don't think so," he responded coldly.

"Are you sure?" a puzzled Lenny asked.

Eric sipped his wine leisurely and replied, "Do you really think he can't find her?"

He knew very well what his brother was capable of. Those so called tycoons and casinos, as well as the new riches acquired from the stock market were just pawns on his board. He was in charge of XK, the world's largest intelligence agency.

"Then... then why did you..."

"Lenny, does Brian love Becky?" Eric gave a mocking laugh, which was followed by a short silence.

"I think he does," came the eventual reply.

"Correct." His explanation continued, "Brian has been under Richie and Shirley's influence ever since his birth, so he firmly believes that love is exclusive. And if he's in love with someone, he won't change his mind easily."

Lenny remained quiet. She had been serving Eric since childhood, but there was something she could never understand about him. He could be so ardent and passionate, but also, so mysterious to everyone around him. Of his several characteristics, violence had always been one.

Some time ago, Brian had been his role model. For some reason, however, Eric had started to fight with him for anything he fancied or owned.

"He's waiting for Becky." Eric smiled. He seemed content in his mischief.

Lenny frowned, but made no response.

Eric stood up and finished his glass. Then he commanded, "Send someone to QY Island. I need to know everything that's happening there. I'd like to be a part of Brian's game, and as for that sweet Molliepop, I couldn't be any more interested!"

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