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   Chapter 28 I Am The Law

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Molly was frightened as if she was standing on the edge of an abyss…

... ...

Brian heard Molly frantically yelling,"You're totally insane!"

'Am I insane?' Brian asked himself inside.

He then revealed a meaningful smile on his face and thought, 'Ever since I took over the XK, despite the objection of my father, I have been leading a cruel and bloody life.. What happened tonight is nothing unusual.'

Brian then sneered when he saw that there was only a mastiff with green eyes left in the TV.

Then he thought, 'David drugged Molly and set her up. But he shouldn't have let her into my room... It was a fatal mistake for a man in the underworld to let that happen. He deserves to die!'

Brian picked up the cup, took a sip of tea that had been cooled, and then gazed meaningfully at the TV. On the screen, the mastiff was seen lazily squatting on the ground while looking angrily at the mutilated man. It appeared to be distressed and enraged because it was not allowed to kill David.

Brian grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV without showing any emotion on his face. Then he turned the disk player on which played soft piano music...

Meanwhile, Molly was vomiting into a flower bed outside the house. Nothing was coming out from her mouth because she didn't eat anything the whole day. She groaned in pain and her face twisted becase of her convulsive stomach.

While the cold nigh

ied not to think of them and said,"It's against the law... I will sue you!"

"Sue me?" Brian asked smiling.

He raised his eyebrows and a wicked smile formed from his face. But soon... He fixed his gaze on her and reached out his palm towards her. Seeing his movement, Molly inched her way backwards. Brian said casually,"The law is in my hands! What I said is the law. And what I did... is lawful!"

He spoke as if he was saying something common and usual. However, his domineering nature made it impossible to question what he had said. He was a powerful man who overlooked and overpowered others. His confidence exuded against the dim light.

The power he had was beyond imagination. Whatever he wanted, he got it!

Suddenly, the tension in the air seemed to freeze Molly. She looked at Brian. At the moment, she couldn't think of anything else. The only thing she knew was... 'I've fallen into the abyss... and there is no way out!

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