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   Chapter 27 The Bloody Gift

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Feeling that Molly's body was stiff in his arms, Brian laughed grimly. He slightly leaned to one side and picked up the remote control. He then turned the TV on in front of him and switched to a video.

Molly watched in fear. At the beginning, she saw a pair of green eyes like two rays of glimmering light in the darkness. Molly shivered as the eyes looked horrible and scary.

Then suddenly, she heard an animal let out a savage howl.

Listening to such a frightful sound from the TV, Molly swallowed as a wave of chill crept in her body. The sound seemed tobelong to a wild dog. She had no idea why Brian had made her watch this. In such a quiet place and in such weird atmosphere, the pair of creepy eyes made Molly's hair stand on end as she trembled with terror.

All of a sudden, something thumped to the ground with a bang.

Molly was breathless with fear. She had a hunch that the object which fell down to ground was a person!

The animal let out a low, heavy sound again.

The pair of green eyes looked smaller than before, because they were slightly narrowed this time. Then after a little while, the animal's voice sounded fiercer, which scared the life out of Molly.

"Where am I?" a man's voice came from the TV. He sounded frightened.

Molly furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing him and fixed her eyes on the TV. Although she could only see those green eyes, hear the dreadful howl of an animal and a man's frightened voice, she was able to recognize the voice the moment she heard it. It was David in the video!

After realizing this, Molly was stunned and suddenly turned her head and looked at Brian beside her. He looked calm and indifferent, seemingly uninterested in this...

"Woooh... Howl..."

The animal's so

consumed her as she sat on the sofa motionless.

"Do you like my first gift?" Brian spoke in a cold and elegant voice. The callous sound of his voice seemed more terrifying than what she had seen on the TV. Brian looked at Molly with a gleam shining in his eyes and flashed her a slight smile.

His words made Molly retch.

Her stomach was churning, which made her very uncomfortable. She was about to stand up to vomit, but Brian tightly held her in his arms and prevented her from standing up.

"Eeh... Eh..."

Molly covered her mouth and retched. She suddenly felt that she was lucky because she had eaten little the whole day. Otherwise, she would've vomited something disgusting. Of course, she was not in any mood to think about this since only the bloody scene on the screen and the terrible howling of the dog ran through her mind at that moment.

Raising a corner of his lips, Brian released Molly from his grip. Molly had endured the discomfort for a while, so the moment Brian slightly loosened his grip, she stood up and ran outside immediately.

But before she left the room, Brian heard her shout hysterically,"You're totally insane!


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