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   Chapter 26 A Badgering, Imperious Kiss

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"What are you doing?" Molly Xia was startled as she saw Brian's handsome face drawing closer and closer to hers. Instinctively, she moved her body backwards on the sofa but its armrest prevented her from pulling further away. She had no way to retreat anymore.

Brian didn't stop until his nose almost touched hers. An evil smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he gazed deeply at Molly's shocked face. A dash of playfulness flashed across his cold face, but was gone in a minute.

They could hear each other's breathing as well as their own because their faces were so close to each other. Feeling very nervous, Molly's heart was beating rapidly.

Brian didn't say anything. He looked deeply at Molly's eyes which were full of panic and fear. He wouldn't want to admit but deep down inside his heart, an unnoticeable affectionate feeling had started to swell.

The scent of his body and the mint fragrance of his aftershave filled Molly's nose. In a daze, she forgot to make any reaction, not even to repulse him at that moment. Brian's intense stare gave a sudden throb to her heart, as if it was going to stop beating any minute.

Molly felt so familiar with Brian's scent. She had lost her senses that night when she slept with him because of the drug. But not knowing why, she distinctly remembered the scent from his body very well.

"I don't like disobedient women!"

Brian's cold voice interrupted Molly's thoughts. She finally came back to her senses and reflexively, put her hands on Brian's chest to push him away.

However, the man's body was as heavy as a rock. No matter how hard she pushed him, the man didn't move a little bit, not even an inch. What's worse, as she was struggling and pushing too violently, her nose accidentally touched his thin lips...

Brian slightly narrowed his eyes which covered his cold, piercing look. Then suddenly, he raised his hand and grabbed Molly's chin tightly. "Hmm..." Molly let out a low groan as she was hurt by his grip. A cruel light flickered in Brian's eyes. He sneered and said slowly, "Even if you want to rebel and fight against me, you should know if you are even capable of doing it."

Brian gripped her chin even tighter as he finished his words.

Molly groaned in pain again. She felt like her chin was going to be crushed into pieces by his powerful grip. All she could think of at that moment was the pain in her chin, unable to take in the meaning of his words. Her brows furrowed tightly as her heart grieved even more.

"Since you've already made your choice, you should learn to act your role appropriately!" Brian looked at her tearful eyes, smirked and slowly opened his mouth to threaten her, "This serves as a w

arning. I won't give you a second one. Just remember, if you irritate me... neither you nor your family would be able to afford to take the consequences!"

Molly discreetly gritted her teeth. She looked at the handsome face close to her, with tears blurring her eyes. He spoke out his words in a calm and casual way, just like blowing out a gust of breeze. However, she knew how powerful his words were and that it should never be taken lightly. Intuitively, Molly nodded and responded, "Yes..."

Her voice cracked while her tone sounded defeated, like she had endured a great hardship.

Having heard her reply, Brian's face showed a hint of satisfaction. He loosened his grip on her chin, and wiped off the tears from the corner of her eyes with his fingers. Then, he said in a casual but oppressive voice, "I don't like any woman crying in front of me. Remember, from now on... you can't show your tears in front of me!"

Molly bit her lower lip as she stared at Brian. She bit so heavily that she broke the skin of her lip. Instantly, the taste of the blood spread in her mouth. Her stomach turned and she felt like vomiting when she tasted her blood in such a situation.

Brian threw a glimpse at Molly and moved his body away from her. Nonchalantly, he took a cup of tea from the table and sipped it. He then picked up the book beside him and went on to read… In an instant, he had switched into a serene mode, as if nothing had ever happened.

Molly stayed still on the sofa. Her body was lying down on it, slightly twisted because of Brian's position a while ago. The huge wave of fear in her heart hadn't subsided yet. She needed time to compose herself. She needed to mentally prepare herself to face the horrible life in the next 30 days. Ironically, even at that dreadful moment, she still had to worry about money!

She couldn't help but mock herself inside her mind. Determinedly, Molly managed to stop her tears.

Right at that moment, Brian's phone rang, breaking the silent atmosphere in the room. He took his phone from the table and, devoid of any facial expression, he listened to a report from the other side of the line. In the end, he simply responded and hung up the phone.

After the call, Brian closed the book in his hands and turned his head to look at Molly, who was frowning and biting her lips. Strangely, he then said with a smile, "As you're my woman now, I have my first gift for you..."

Molly became confused and agitated all of a sudden. His voice was musical, yet she sensed something cruel and bloody in it. She had a bad feeling that something horrible was going to happen. While she was still immersed in her thoughts, Brian had already pulled her up into his arms.

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